Upcoming NFT Mints: July 1-15

Get ready for an exciting two weeks from July 1st to 15th, as the NFT world gears up for an amazing showcase! You’re in for a treat with a variety of new NFT releases that will redefine digital art.

This time, we’ve focused more on niche creators and projects in the NFT space, on art that sparks emotion and contains substance. Renowned artists and creative pioneers will be unveiling their latest creations, featuring cutting-edge designs and limited editions. It’s going to be a captivating experience that you won’t want to miss!

Remember – as always, DYOR, this is not financial advice!

poster collage for Upcoming NFT mint projects for July 2023

The Abantu Tribe – Upcoming NFT Mint – July 9

Blockchain: Cardano

Upcoming NFT Mint Abantu Tribe project

The Abantu Tribe project consists of a collection of NFTs with meticulously designed artwork representing characters inspired by African culture and tribal traditions. These NFTs are visually captivating and carefully hand-drawn. Moreover, they showcase unique traits and lore. They also play a role in a fantasy novel created by The Abantu Tribe. This also makes them simultaneously standalone art pieces and characters within a captivating fictional world. The project celebrates imagination and creativity, offering a collection of undiscovered masterpieces.

The Abantu Tribe recognizes the transformative potential of blockchain technology in Africa. Despite challenges, blockchain’s decentralized nature offers increased reach. The project aims to empower Africans by providing assistance to leverage blockchain for development. This enables participation in the global economy, access to previously inaccessible opportunities, and fosters trust and economic growth. The goal of the upcoming NFT mint is to onboard Africans onto the blockchain, enabling financial control and enhancing their competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Snoop Dogg Passport – Jul 08, 2023 – Jul 10, 2023

Blockchain: Ethereum

Poster for Snoop Dogg Passport NFT minting now

Snoop Dogg’s Tour Passport is a groundbreaking collectible that evolves as Snoop travels the world. Experience the world of Snoop like never before with the Passport NFT! This unique collectible grants access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content and VIP drops. It also offers an unparalleled experience with the iconic Hip-Hop artist.

The Passport is a revolutionary evolving tour collectible, akin to a dynamic tour poster that updates with each of Snoop’s tour stops. Immerse yourself in Snoop’s journey, collect remarkable artwork, and also gain entry to future Snoop drops and extraordinary experiences.

Some of the perks include:

  • Discover Limited Edition Artwork: Within your Passport, you will find a curated selection of limited edition Snoop Dogg artwork, adding an exclusive touch to your collection.
  • Unlock Exciting Opportunities: Passport holders enjoy access to forthcoming Snoop Dogg drops, events, and immersive experiences, ensuring you stay connected to Snoop’s world.
  • Connect with Snoop Dogg Merchandise: Get direct access to Snoop’s official merchandise, music, and more, enhancing your connection to the legendary artist.


Bone Lightning Bunch – July 08, 2023 – July 15, 2023

Blockchain: Bitcoin Ordinals

Bone Lightning Bunch NFT project artwork and logos

Mo and Fel, a fashion designer and a chemist respectively, joined forces to create FELMO Labs in 2022. Their goal was to blend their expertise in design and chemistry by launching an art collection that showcases unique and diverse styles.

The upcoming NFT mint Bone Lightning Bunch collection features an Electric Skeleton Logo as its dominant theme and offers a variety of themes, carefully hand-drawn and thoughtfully created. With only three traits, the collection of 10,000 NFTs aims to maintain individuality and character.

Each character has its own story and represents relatable emotions and experiences. The art not only serves as visually appealing pieces but also grants exclusive access to The Bone Lightning Bunch’s Casa di Moda, where holders can participate in voting and influence upcoming merchandise designs. Furthermore, the team envisions an interactive and immersive experience for the NFT holders through their web page, The Warehouse.

Lulush – June 29, 2023 – July 06, 2023

Blockchain: Ethereum

Upcoming NFT LULULUSH mint page on Foundation

Digital artiste Hannane’s latest LULULUSH reflects on a two-year NFT journey, marked by ups and downs. Initially drawn to the NFT hype in 2021, Hannane joined the community with limited knowledge. Inspired by a passion for history and diverse cultures, Hannane created the “IDENTITY” collection, aiming to represent various cultural identities.

Despite personal struggles and hardships, the collection grew steadily and sold out. Only to be abruptly wiped out when Hannane’s account was banned due to OpenSea sanctions. Devastated and filled with despair, Hannane shared the news with collectors who showed unwavering support. Overcoming depression and societal challenges, Hannane found the courage to start anew.

The upcoming remarkable LULUSH NFT collection consists of 18 unique hand-drawn pieces up for mint. Hannane takes immense pride in their artistic progress and captures her story. Originally intending to mint LULUSH as a complete collection, financial constraints led to the decision to release it through FND drops. Hannane’s determination to showcase their work and overcome obstacles shines through in this special collection.

The project lore reads as such:

In the Lands far far away, In an unknown Universe, There is a race of wizards and Warriors called Lulush. According to their Legends; to Save “The Great Crystal” which all lives on their planet depends on, they have to find “The Gate” to the other side of the universe, where they might find a solution to save themselves. A small number of brave Lulushs decided to embark on this dangerous journey.”

Soliloquy Of Moribund – June 29, 2023 – July 06, 2023

Blockchain: Ethereum

artwork for Soliloquy Of Moribund by V1ncent

Soliloquy of Moribund by artist V1ncent is an expansive collection comprising four captivating artworks. Within this collection, the artist delves deep into the realms of heartbreak, loneliness, and pessimism, engaging viewers in a profound exploration of these emotional landscapes.

Through the use of visually striking elements and thought-provoking imagery, the collection encourages contemplation on the complexities of the human experience. Each artwork within the collection also stands as a testament to the artist’s personal quest for healing and self-discovery. By sharing their own struggles and growth, the artist offers a glimpse into the transformative power of art, emphasizing its capacity to illuminate the path toward healing and renewed perspectives.

The captivating Moribund collection is now available on Nifty Gateway. It features four profoundly meaningful artworks that hold a special place in V1ncent’s heart.

  • “you are not alone?” – Engage in a 1/1 auction for this piece, commencing at a starting price of $45. It serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of human connection and support, affirming that no one should face life’s challenges alone.
  • “Melodies Of Melancholia” – Delve into the bittersweet beauty encapsulated in this artwork, presented in a limited edition of 5. Participate in a ranked auction starting at $20 and immerse yourself in moments of introspection and contemplation.
  • “Valar Moghulis” – Engage in a ranked auction, starting at $20, for this artwork that holds its own profound symbolism and significance within the collection.
  • “Duality Of Man” – A limited edition of 10 artworks, each available for $20. Explore the intricate nature of human duality through this thought-provoking piece.

Moreover, acquiring an artwork from this series grants access to future perks. Thank you for your support and appreciation of this collection.


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