Vayner3 and Cheetos Launch “Chesterville” in Horizon Worlds Metaverse

image of ther Cheetos metaverse world, with halloween theme

Cheetos are coming to the metaverse, with an exciting virtual reality experience called ‘Chesterville’ in Meta’s Horizon Worlds. Vayner3, the web3 consultancy under VaynerX, is leading the development and management of the metaverse world. What’s more, in Chesterville, players can embrace their inner Chester Cheetah – the famous crunchy corn puff snack’s mascot – and have fun in a mischievous Halloween setting.

image of ther Cheetos metaverse world, with halloween theme

Cheetos now has its own metaverse experience game inside Meta’s Horizon Worlds.

Cheetos announces metaverse world

The new Cheetos world is celebrating Halloween, Cheetos, and the metaverse. Furthermore, the world is exclusively available inside Meta Horizon Worlds on Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset. Here, fans of Cheetos can take part in a brilliant game.

There are tasks available all over Chesterville in the Cheetos metaverse world. Not only this, but players can earn points on a ‘Mischief Meter’ and other in-game power-up methods.

Some mischief includes covering houses in Cheetle-fied Paper Towels and smashing gooey Box of Bones Cheetos mac ‘n cheese-filled pumpkins. The goal of the Cheetos metaverse game is to gain enough points to access the spooky mansion atop Cheetos Hill.

“As a culture-first brand committed to innovative consumer experiences, Cheetos is proud to lead Frito-Lay into the metaverse,” said Stacy Taffet, senior vice president of marketing for Frito-Lay, owners of Cheetos. “This is a significant moment for both the brand and the portfolio as we broaden the ways we engage with fans, inviting them to experience Cheetos in an entirely new way. We can’t wait to welcome consumers into Chester’s virtual domain that brings his personality and Cheetos’ brand ethos to life.”

The Cheetos world will have an impact on the real world!

As stated above, the goal of the Cheetos metaverse game is to reach the spooky mansion. Once players reach this point, they also have a remarkable choice.

Significantly, players can vote for a “ghost of Cheetos’ past.” Interestingly, the winner will be brought back into the real world for a limited time. These flavors are Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch, Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Pepper Puffs, and Cheetos Nashville Hot snacks.

Finally, the Cheetos metaverse world will stay open after Halloween, allowing players to enjoy the game long-term.

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