Vera Molnár’s Innovative NFTs Open New Chapter for Sotheby’s Gen Art Program

Sotheby’s blockchain program commences with Vera Molnár’s generative NFT art series, transforming typography through algorithms. Let’s dive in. 


  • Vera Molnár, an artist known for her algorithmic art, takes the spotlight in Sotheby’s Gen Art Program, showcasing her work created with advanced machines since the late 1960s.
  • Molnár’s collection called ‘Themes and Variations’ features 500 unique pieces exploring typography and the letters N, F, and T. The series went live on July 28.
  • Sotheby’s Gen Art Program, in collaboration with Art Blocks, introduces a Dutch auction format for the first time in the auction house’s 300-year history, with bidding starting at 20 ETH or $37,000.
Still from Generative NFT Art

Molnár’s New Generative Art Series

Vera Molnár Revolutionises Generative NFT Art at Sotheby’s Auction

Significantly, Vera Molnár, nearing a century on this planet, has held audiences with her algorithmic art created using advanced machines since the late 1960s. Now, her work takes centre stage in Sotheby’s Gen Art Program. Sotheby’s, known for its prestigious auctions, ventures into the blockchain with the Gen Art Program. What’s more, Molnár’s journey into computer art began in 1968 at the Sorbonne, where she used punch cards and the early programming language Fortran to create artworks. 

Molnár’s collection is named ‘Themes and Variations.’ Working with algorithmic artist Martin Grasser, she devised a system that generates 500 unique pieces. In addition, these artworks explore the typography and formulation of the letters N, F, and T. The series, which went live on July 28, follows a sequential pattern. Thus, each work’s background influences the foreground of the next piece. Molnár has expanded her palette to include a vibrant range of pastel crayons, adding a new dimension to her artistry.

Furthermore, Michael Bouhanna, Sotheby’s Head of Digital Art, shares his admiration for Molnár, hailing her as a true legend of generative art. Moreover, her decades of experimentation and mastery in algorithm-based digital art have paved the way.

Sotheby’s Gen Art Program is working with Art Blocks, a platform dedicated to generative art. The auction is using its partner Art Blocks’ mode of sale called a Dutch auction. For the Molnár sale, bidding starts at a ceiling price of 20 ETH or $37,000, gradually descending over time. Furthermore, this marks the first time, in the auction house’s 300-year history that its used this mode of sale.

So, join Vera Molnár on her journey and witness her contributions to the world of generative NFT art. It represents a turning point in art and technology, leaving a positive mark on the art world’s future.

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