Vogue Singapore Debuts September Issue Cover as NFT via Brytehall

This month, legendary fashion publisher Vogue joins the list of major companies to tap into the NFT market. Vogue Singapore has just launched two versions of its September issue covers as NFTs, featuring the theme ‘New Beginnings.’

Screenshot of two Vogue Singapore NFT collectibles

Vogue Singapore launches two NFTs for its September issue to mark ‘New Beginnings’ of a digitalized era. Credits: Brytehall

A digital treasure for fashion lovers

Giant global fashion company Vogue confirms joins the list of digitalized magazines by releasing its first digital covers as NFTs. Accordingly, Vogue Singapore launched two collectibles for its September issue, each featuring an exquisite design.

The first digital cover showcases a golden goddess raising her arms as the sun is revolving around planet Earth behind her. In detail, the NFT features warm colors, inspiring a promising feature laying ahead of the magazine and the crypto industry alike. Moreover, Baelf Design created the goddess’ royal headdress using a complex AI algorithm.

For the second cover, digital fashion house The Fabricant teamed up with fashion photographer Shavonne Wong to bring fashion director Desmond Lim’s vision to life. The NFT includes a futuristic avatar wearing a windblown gown, both inspired by the local culture of Singapore with Malaysian influences.

Unquestionably, this second cover is considered to be a digital masterpiece in terms of technology. The androgynous avatar is actually changing its posture depending on the time of day – and so does the sunlight.

Both digital covers are a perfect representation for the theme of the September issue, called ‘New Beginnings.’

Screenshot of Vogue Singapore NFT collectibles' announcement via Twitter

Vogue Singapore has proudly announced its two NFT covers via Twitter. Credits: Twitter

Vogue: where fashion meets NFTs

The two digital covers arrive shortly after Vogue’s first contact with the NFT market. On August 20th, the company released The Vogue Mystery Box Collection.

The Binance NFT Marketplace collection features NFTs showing the sunrise in ten of the biggest cities in the world.

Now, fashion enthusiasts can register for the NFT September issue of Vogue Singapore on Brytehall until September 20th.

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