Vula Labs Empowers Users To Access Quality Content Without Subscriptions

vula abs nft

Vula Labs is a Web3 platform that offers a new way to access Internet content without subscriptions. Undoubtedly, Vula Labs is changing the way content is done, while empowering users to retain control of their data via the power of Web3.

vula abs nft

An exclusive preview of the Vula Society NFTs.

Identity theft is a real problem

The average internet user has subscribed to more than 130 sites. Not only that – but their data may be sold to third parties. As a result, more than 103 million spam emails are generated per minute.

Many of these spam emails are a source of phishing attacks, luring users to reveal personal information. The annual cost of identity theft for victims is about $5 billion. Therefore, it is safe to say that more and more users want anonymity and protection from fraud.

Vula Labs as a Web3-powered solution

Vula Labs merges the use of NFTs with traditional e-commerce sensibilities. At its core, it enables a new generation of users to securely manage online relationships with commercial enterprises while retaining control of their data.

Therefore, your NFT becomes a new way to prove your identity without having to disclose personal information or sign-up to receive content in your inbox. What’s more, by purchasing the Vula Society NFT, you will also become part of the Vula Society.

vula labs banner

This new Web3 platform is changing the way content is marketed and accessed.

The Vula Society will serve as a shield – enabling holders to keep their information private. Moreover, society members will be able to leverage Vula Labs to access top-level curated content. They will be able to browse content anonymously and have access to websites ranging from newsletters to streaming services. 

Additionally, they have integrated NFTevening posts into their site for their NFT holders. 

Moreover, the platform will offer a unique incentive for users, called “Bounties.” Bounties, payable in $SOL, will be given to users who provide referrals to Vula Labs and lead to the successful onboarding of new content partners.

vula labs nft red eyes

Another example of the Vula Labs artwork

How can I purchase the Vula Society NFT?

The 11,111 NFTs will be available to mint on Solana and will cost 0.1 SOL each. The presale is free and starts on October 10 at 11AM PST. Then, the public mint follows soon after, taking place on October 10 at 12PM PST.

After the initial mint is over, the NFTs will be available for sale on Magic Eden’s secondary marketplace.

How will Vula Labs be of benefit to media partners?

Traditional businesses must differentiate themselves to compete in the digital world and attract new users. Vula Labs’ platform offers a cost-free way to do this.

Vula Labs’ partners can increase market share by accessing a previously untapped market of users, without incurring extra marketing costs or cyber risk. Via Vula Labs’ platform, media partners can access a group of high-quality users, ready to engage with their content.