WAGMI United Unveils Its New Crawley Town FC x Adidas Jersey

New Adidas Wagmi United Jersey

The first look at the new WAGMI United x Crawley Town x Adidas jersey is here and it looks amazing! Adidas Football tweeted out the kit preview earlier today via an animated 3D video teaser.

New Adidas Wagmi United Jersey

Adidas just unveiled its brand new jersey for Crawley Town/WAGMI United. Credit: Adidas

WAGMI United’s new Adidas jersey features Chromie Squiggle

The exciting Adidas jersey reveal came earlier today. The Tweet included a 3D animated visual showing off the jersey, along with a quote: “You define sport, not just ​as it is but as it can be”​.

Significantly, the jersey reveal came one day after WAGMI United came out to define its vision in a long Twitter thread. The thread gave additional context to the primary goals of WAGMI United. Namely,

  1. To reinvent broken legacy sports management models
  2. To give fans a meaningful voice
  3. To take Crawley Town FC, the smallest team in the English Football League, to the Premier League

For those who don’t know, WAGMI United is a group that includes some of the biggest names in NFTs. Some of the names that many will recognize include Gary Vee, Gfunk, and Gmoney. In addition, Art Blocks founder Snowfro, whose iconic Chromie Squiggle adorns the Adidas x WAGMI United jersey, is also part of the team.

WAGMI United’s journey kicked into gear at the end of 2021, when it purchased the English Football League 2 team Crawley United. Now the group behind it is looking to break new ground en route to truly becoming “The Internet’s Team”.

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