Warriors Of Future, Asia’s Sci-Fi Blockbuster Announces NFT Drop

Warriors of Future

Later this week, the sci-fi action movie, Warriors of Future is releasing a new NFT collection. It’s being completed thanks to OneCool Collective, Asia’s first web3 project ‘dedicated to disrupting the film and entertainment industry’. The NFT will be minted on Saturday, August 6th.

Warriors of Future

A preview of some of the Warriors of Future NFT collection.

The Warriors of Future NFT collection

Warriors of Future is the latest multi-million dollar sci-fi action film. It is produced by Louis Koo and directed by Ng Yuen-Fai in Hong Kong. The film is set in the future where Earth is devoid of life due to climate change and pollution. All while a meteorite brings extraterrestrial life to our planet. The movie took 6 years to produce and is set for theatrical release in Asia this year.

Now, the Warriors of Future NFT is a soon-to-be-released collection with 10,000 pieces. They are adopting an innovative, interchangeable mechanism in their NFT collection. To clarify, this allows holders to interchange traits within the NFTs that they own. There are 5 interchangeable parts: weapon, armour body, arms, helmet, and the background.

Soon, they wish to be able to create a mobile game where people will hopefully be able to use their NFTs, which are powered on the Ethereum blockchain, as avatars. In addition to the NFT launch, the campaign also engages fans through a series of AR activations, and phygital (physical and digital) sales of movie merchandise, that allow for interaction and deployment of the virtual collectibles.

About the OneCool Collective

OneCool Collective hope for the Warriors of Future NFT to be the first in a series of long-term web3 and entertainment IPs’ integration project. This is a collaboration between One Cool Group and Gusto Collective with the vision of bringing best-in-class movies and entertainment experiential cultures into the digital world. With over 20 films produced and distributed over 9 years, One Cool Group is Asia’s leading film enterprise. They have an all-around scope of operations including film and animation production, film distribution, post-production and artist management.

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