We Are All Going To Die NFT Collection: About Wagdie NFT

The We Are All Going To Die (Wagdie) NFT collection is new in town, and people are already calling it the next Goblintown. Let’s take a look at this disturbing collection.

We are all going to die

Zo the World Bearer, an NFT from the wagdie collection.

What Is We’re All Going To Die NFT?

Remember the super weird Goblintown Twitter Spaces that shot its prices up sky-high? Here is another creepy recording for you. The We Are All Going To Die NFT collection has no website and no clear description of what they are aiming to achieve, just a Twitter profile and a set of contracts.

If you wonder why people are calling this the next Goblintown, it is actually pretty obvious. I really don’t want to call it a copycat, but it’s pretty hard not to. Similar to Goblintown, We Are All Going To Die has no apparent roadmap, no utilities, and no Discord. The NFTs are also CC0, so no rights reserved. In addition, it began as a free-to-mint project, coupled with frequent mysterious Twitter Spaces.

Given the similarities, it is no surprise that the hype train is boarding so quickly. Some within the NFT community are jumping on this immediately since they missed out on Goblintown previously.

We are all going to die

Luta the Beacon. Credit: OpenSea

When Did WAGDIE NFT Drop?

This project first surfaced on the Twittersphere on May 31st, 2022. There were short, dreadful tweets every day, leading up to June 4th, when the NFTs dropped. The free NFTs soared above 0.4 ETH on the very first day, further building the FOMO. Anyway, let’s take a look at the 6,666 NFTs, which seem to be telling a story.

How Many Wagdie NFTs Are There?

The whole collection consists of 6,666 free-to-mint NFTs. However,  there are 17 unique pieces in this collection: The 17. These 1 of 1 pieces include; Child of Her, Crow of Detriti, She who Smiles, Kilgore the Young, and more. Some of these have sold for as high as 7.88 ETH.

Besides the rare 17 pieces, the We Are All Going To Die collection has 33 different characters. This includes the Naïve Stranger, the Foolish Jester, and other characters. These characters vary in rarity, ranging from 22 pieces up to 309 pieces. On top of that, each NFT has a unique combination of traits. They comprise different armors, backgrounds, masks, hair, and other categories.

How Expensive are NFTs from the We’re all going to die collection?

Although wagdie NFTs were completely free to mint, now they have a floor price of 0.978 ETH. Additionally there are no signs of them slowing down.

The Mystery Behind The Madness

Although the description explicitly says ‘no map’, the team is seemingly revealing more and more details as the days pass. For instance, there was a mini buildup towards ‘The Cycle of Her’, which has now begun. Maybe there is a hidden roadmap after all? The strange collection and their Anonymous team also decided to buy and then burn a MAYC NFT, to the horror of the Bored Ape Yacht Club holders. Say what you will, the stunt gave them a huge PR boost as many found the accompanying twitter space hilarious.

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