Web3 DJ Ape Rave Club Drops An NFC Hoodie With Digital Twin!

Tomorrowland mainstagers Ape Rave Club have dropped a limited edition hoodie collection in partnership with l top web3 curators LTD INC. The NFC-infused hoodie includes an exclusive track and also doubles as a wearable ticket to specific events. Moreover, this unique collectible also unlocks exclusive digital extras and experiences. Read on to learn more about this awesome, innovative drop below!

an Image of DJ Ape Rave Club's Bored Ape on their limited edition LTD INC Hoodie

Ape Rave Club -x- LTD INC. Collection: What’s The Hype?

LTD INC. is a platform that brings ultra-rare, curated phygital products and experiences to the blockchain. This includes partnerships and collaborations with iconic artists and brands. The latest partnership sees them collaborate with web3 DJ Ape Rave Club to drop a special NFC-infused hoodie collection. The hoodie features the DJ’s Bored Ape Yacht Club avatar (Giba #9184). The hoodie comes with an NFC-infused label, which can be scanned with LTD.INC’s app. Doing this unlocks the hoodie’s digital twin (NFT) and also an unreleased Ape Rave Club track, “Born On The Blockchain,” and a trove of additional digital extras!

“Our mission at LTD.INC is to create real-world utility for NFTs and reimagine what physical objects are capable of,” said Daryl Kelly, CEO of LTD.INC. “By working with brands and artists like Ape Rave Club, the first Web3 DJ to enter the physical world in a meaningful way, we’ll continue to push the boundaries to provide new experiences, products, and communities for fandoms.”

This drop provides real-world utility and perks. Some of these include the hoodie itself as a wearable ticket to select concerts and events. Moreover, there are also exclusive accessories including a Giba #9184 mask. With this partnership, LTD.INC becomes one of the first web3 brands to distribute music through blockchain-enabled clothing! This is a futuristic collab effectively linking the physical and digital worlds along with fashion and music!

About Ape Rave Club

Ape Rave Club is the first NFT-based artist to ever headline Tomorrowland, a major music festival. This exclusive drop is also an opportunity to reward the loyalty of the DJ’s existing NFT holders and OG Discord community members. In addition, 25 complimentary hoodies are already reserved for the allowlist members of the community. Further editions of the drop are coming real soon to LTD INC. Finally, be sure to stay updated via their official website or Twitter page!

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