Web3 exchange Dyor’s NFT Collection sold out on OpenSea

On 8th March 2024, Dyor Exchange sold out free-mint NFTs, offering several collector’s edition perks to its holders. The collection stands at a floor price of 0.02 ethereum on OpenSea.

The Dyor NFT collection, features 600 unique collectibles, which the team commented will represent a step forward in its mission to simplifying user journeys in web3. Members who were whitelisted and received at least one of the 600 NFTs would be eligible for a host of perks such as token airdrops for its upcoming native cryptocurrency token $DYOR, exclusive access to the yield generator, future platform perks such as gasless transactions and reduced fees and more. Dyor Exchange introduces a decentralised social investing app that allows users to discover and invest in high quality projects through its tinder-like swipe interface, with gamified social investing.

Soon to be available on iOS and Android, Dyor Exchange has over 4,000 beta app downloads to date, with over 470,000+ users on its app list – as the platform gears up for a mainnet launch later this year.

The collection was a success and a significant milestone for the company as Dyor exchange sold out 600 pieces in five and a half hours.

The company also stated a limited access-only pre-sale of $Dyor tokens available for its NFT holders, ahead of its upcoming token launch.

“Holders of the Dyor collection will also be eligible for exclusively reserved token airdrops in the coming months,” said Alexandre Lasis, CEO and Founder of Dyor Exchange. “It has been a great pleasure for our team to see the incredible success and support from the community,” added Lasis.

The company collectively aims to enhance the Web3 investment experience, closing the complexity gap and aligning with DeFi’s mission of democratising finance.”Think Robinhood meets Tinder, but it is Web3 – 100% self-custodial and permissionless,” added Lasis.