What is the Owls NFT Project and Why is it Trending?

Examples of artwork from the Owls NFT Project

The Owls NFT Project is having a real hoot since the project was minted last Friday. The collection had an impressive 9,200 eth volume and the floor price reached a high of .45 eth over the weekend. So, what’s behind the success of Owls?

Examples of artwork from the Owls NFT Project

Hoot Hoot! These ASCII art Owls were the big winners of the weekend

Why is the Owls NFT Project Trending?

First off, the artwork is great. It’s ASCII art (think images made from dashes, parentheses, letters, etc…) in the form of 10,000 unique colorful owls. The project used 90,000,000 possible combinations to create each owl during the minting process, an impressive demonstration of coding skill and a nod to the on-chain art community.    

The collection started appearing on NFT tracking websites Friday evening as NFT collectors rushed to get in on the free mint. Additionally, many well-known NFT Twitter accounts tweeted positive comments about the project, complimenting the project’s simple but cute aesthetic.  

The Owls NFT Project seems to have even created a new meta in NFTs. For example, there are now at least a dozen derivative projects featuring other animals made from ASCII art, most notably Foxes and Cats both saw decent volume over the weekend.

Who is Behind the Project?

Rei Nicolas, a Software Engineer and self-described NFT enthusiast, created the Owls NFT Project. He tweeted that the Owls garnered more attention than he ever expected.  As a result, Rei is building more upon the collection than he had originally intended.  The market reacted positively to this news, and along with his dox, helped fuel the project’s rise to the top of the OpenSea rankings.

The Owls even caught the attention of Jack Butcher, the current darling of Web3 and creator of the Checks project.  On Sunday, Jack Butcher tweeted an image of a 3D owl made up of Jack’s iconic checkmarks.  A nice homage and an instant mark of credibility for Owls.


Jack Butcher tweeted an image of an owl in homage of the Owl NFT Project

Jack Butcher paying homage to Owls with his iconic checkmarks
Image Credit: Jack Butcher


With the attention of the NFT space and support from leading Web3 personalities, the Owls NFT Project is well-positioned to join the “Hoo-Hoo’s” of leading NFT projects.

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