Why HAPEBEAST Might be the Next Blue-chip NFT Project You’re Looking For

HAPE, formerly known as HAPEBEAST, is an NFT collection of uber-stylish apes with striking 3D artwork. Impressively, before launching the project amassed over 170,000 Twitter followers and nearly a whopping 500,000 Discord members! While the hype wasn’t sustained, HAPE is now a known collection in the space with its own cult following.

HAPE avatars

HAPE, formerly known as HAPEBEAST are still going strong

What is the HAPEBEAST NFT collection?

HAPEBEAST is a collection of 8,192 ‘HAPES’ on the Ethereum blockchain. While the collection follows in on the blue-chip project Bored Ape Yacht Club’s footsteps, it stands apart for a number of reasons. For one, the NFTs are 3D renditions of HAPES who look nothing short of fashionistas. Next, in the project’s own words, it “unites style, technology and community, and sets up HAPES as next-generation fashion leaders.”

Who Created the HAPE NFT Collection?

London-based digital artist Matt Sypien, a.k.a, Digimental is the brains behind the project. He has cleverly brought together streetwear and apes to create a stunning collection. HAPEBEAST itself is take on the term ‘hypebeast’, which, according to Merriam Webster dictionary, means someone “devoted to acquiring fashionable items, especially clothing and shoes.”

The project also has a solid roadmap in place which is divided into three phases. While the first features the first drop and ‘Music to HAPE to’, the second will have a new drop, special collections, and “Simian engineering”. Lastly, the third phase will include clothing collabs, ‘HAPE Couture’, and ‘The runway to fame”. For the time being, the team hasn’t released more information about the specifics of the roadmap. 

Nonetheless, Digimental has hinted at “more exciting” things in the future. “What is really amazing about this is the fact we have more exciting stuff aligned,” he told Highsnobiety. “I personally believe Phase 3 of the roadmap will be a game changer for the NFT world.”

How to Get on the HAPELIST

Early backers could mint up to two NFTs at launch. Otherwise, it was the familiar challenge of trying to obtain a spot on the “HAPELIST”. For this, you could have been an “outstanding member” of the community. This means people whomade art, music, poetry, food, or pretty much anything that represents HAPE. 

How To get a HAPE NFT today

To get a HAPE NFT today, you’ll have to buy it of the secondary market. This means using an NFT marketplace like Opensea or Rarible.

To learn more, check out the official HAPE website and social media handles!

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