Why Is Eveyone Complaining About The Tai Lopez NFT?

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez has become the latest internet personality to step into the NFT space. Since he announced his collection, there has been some major backlash from the community. This was based on his previous work and the overall reputation that he has gained in the finance and social media worlds, where his work collides.

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez was the originator of the ‘here in my garage’ phrase, which has turned into a meme.

Who is Tai Lopez?

For those who don’t know, Tai Lopez is an American entrepreneur, investor and internet personality. A lot of his money has come from the businesses he runs. As well as this, there are the courses and books which he sells to his huge social media audience. Some of his more successful courses include SMMA (social media marketing agency) related ones. Also, “67 Steps”, which revolves around mindset.

One of his biggest boosts of fame came after one of his YouTube adverts, which included the now-infamous phrase “Here in my garage”, was turned into a meme.

Lopez has 679,000+ followers on Twitter, 1.2 million+ on YouTube and 2.9 million+ on Instagram.

About the NFTs and Backlash

Tai Lopez has released NFTs which include the utility of being able to meet or work with him. Some of the asking prices were quite frankly absurd, and way out of a lot of his true fans’ price range.

The collection, titled ‘Original Garage’, a reference to his previously-memed speech, was released in many different tiers. The utility ranged depending on how expensive the NFT was to mint. The cheapest: ‘OG Mentor Accelerator Pass’ and ‘OG NFT Hotel, Restaurant and Club Membership’. And the most expensive include: “1 on 1 Shadow Tai in Person at His Office’ and ‘1 on 1 WhatsApp Access to Tai Lopez’s Personal Number’.

The backlash came when people claimed that the project was a cash grab. Also claiming that he may not even go through with completing the utility listed when you purchase the NFTs. These claims came from people in NFTs due to his previous cash-grab-type ventures, like excessively selling courses, books, and his overall lifestyle to fans who are looking to make some money.

Plenty of drama has occurred since the launch, to see more details, you can see Tai Lopez’s Twitter, which has included arguments with NFT influencer Farokh. To explain, Farokh actually attended one of Tai’s pool parties, which was exposed after he criticised the project. Also, you can find the NFTs on OpenSea or a full list of them on the Original Garage mint website.

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