Why NFT creator Dmitri Cherniak is sending out NFTs to random wallets

screenshot of a tweet by ringers NFT creator Dmitri Cherniak detailing how he is giving away his NFTs.

There are many ways to get your artwork noticed as an NFT creator. However, Ringers artist Dmitri Cherniak is doing something completely shocking. In fact, many are completely baffled by his approach.

He is sending out his NFTs to completely random wallets. Quite simply, he is throwing them out there, into the world, to see what happens.

screenshot of a tweet by ringers NFT creator Dmitri Cherniak detailing how he is giving away his NFTs.

NFT creator and Ringers artist Dmitri Cherniak is sending his new NFTs to random wallets.

It is the equivalent of Picasso leaving his artwork on a bus. It could end up anywhere. The artist is famous in the NFT community, renowned for his beautiful Ringers NFT collection.

NFT creator Dmitri Cherniak created Ringers

Dmitri is a visionary artist, and many consider his Ringers NFT collection one of the greatest around. Furthermore, it is the highest-selling Art Bocks Curated collection and currently has a floor price of 46.5 ETH ($168k). He is a remarkable NFT creator. He could sell these new NFTS for hundreds of thousands, but where’s the fun in that?

In a Twitter thread, the NFT creator detailed his unique plan. Every day in January, he will generate a new output from an algorithm, pick a random wallet address, mint the work and send it to the address.

Meanwhile, he is well aware that the possibility of the art going to an inactive or inaccessible account is very high. Quite poetically, Dmitri wrote, “Consider it a celebration of birth, life, and death.

Art Block's Ringers 109

One of the Art Block’s Ringers NFTs by creator Dmitri Cherniak – #109

Finally, if you check your wallet and find one of the Ringers artworks in your wallet, consider yourself extremely fortunate. The chances are incredibly slim, but the NFT itself will be worth an incredible amount. It is like winning the NFT lottery.

Will more NFT creators follow suit and choose this unique method. One thing is certain, Dmitri is a maverick, dedicated to the freedom of NFT art, not the financial reward.


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