Woodies NFT Collection Announces Film: Woodies Origin on Youtube

Woodies origin

Woodies, the Ethereum-based NFT collection and web3 entertainment brand, is releasing a new short film titled ‘Woodies Origin’ on YouTube. Therefore, through this, they have deemed themself the “Pixar of web3”.

Woodies origin

A screengrab from the ‘Woodies Origin’ film preview.

The ‘Woodies Origin’ Film

To clarify, the Woodies collection is forming themselves as a web3 storyteller with their new short film titled ‘Woodies Origin’. The new film represents how NFT artistry can be transformed into films in a classic style. The film is 3-minutes long and is a journey revealing the Woodies’ unique and mystical origin story.

The story goes that Arden is the last remaining member of a chopped-down grove. Then Magical protective Earth spirit, Merkle the Mother Tree, comes to aid lonely Arden. Arden becomes a Woodie, mobile and free to set off on a search-and-rescue mission to find his friends and stop the logger.

Indeed, Richard Powazynski, the co-founder of Woodies, said: “The story flows through everything that we do, storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication. As a purpose-led project with an environmental focus, it made sense that Woodies would have a strong story.”

He added: “Now the animated short film Woodies Origin is helping us to tell our story in a new and exciting way by bringing our beloved characters to life while also allowing a wider audience to be a part of the Woodies world.”

Furthermore, a teaser of the film can be found here, through the Woodies YouTube channel.

What is Woodies NFT?

Generative collection Woodies has 9,739 pieces and launched in September 2021. Currently, on OpenSea, the collection sits at a 0.07 ETH floor price. It reached highs of 2.1 ETH (average price) nearer the launch. It was brought to life by the art team, consisting of concepts by Des Lucrece, base designs by Jae-838, and stylization by fine artist Gossamer Rozen. Woodie NFTs are extremely unique, each one randomly generated from a mix of over 900 traits.

Overall, at the time of launch, it sold out in 30 minutes. The project planted 1,000,000 trees with the nonprofit, Trees for the Future. Their donation of 73.824 ETH ($217,000 at the time) was among the top 10 NFT charitable donations.

The community has grown fast, with an inspired force of collectors and contributors who have a shared mission of experiencing and preserving the outdoors. As such, they share the vision of the project’s developer, UltraDAO, a decentralized collective created for artists. Together, they identified the need for a web3 brand to begin with a full story and world-building abilities.

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