World of Women and The Fabricant Create Web3’s Biggest Digital Fashion Collection

Various digital garments in the World of Women x The Fabricant collection

The Fabricant and World of Women (WoW) have joined forces to make Web3 more fashionable and diverse with a 27-piece digital fashion collection. The stunning collection takes inspiration from the characters in the WoW NFT artworks. The drop will take place on June 29, on The Fabricant Studio. Want to take part in this unique collab? Let’s find out how!

Various digital garments in the World of Women x The Fabricant collection

Take a look at the stunning collection from World of Women and The Fabricant!

What is The Fabricant Studio?

The Fabricant is a decentralised digital fashion house building the wardrobe of the metaverse via its NFT co-creation platform, The Fabricant Studio.

The Fabricant believes in the decentralised fashion industry where we can all participate, co-creating the wardrobe of the metaverse. Essentially, the Fabricant Studio is the tool where you can Co-Create, Trade, and Wear digital fashion. It is the first step in their journey to make a more equitable, creative, and sustainable fashion industry.


Co-creators can come to the platform to customise and co-create their own digital fashion NFT using the garment blocks and materials


Co-creators can list their digital fashion NFTs on the Marketplace. Here’s how the royalties are split:

  • Co-creator: 30%
  • Garment Designer: 30%
  • Material Designer: 30%
  • The Fabricant Studio: 10%

In short, this is the new fashion economy where everyone can profit from their trade and craft.


The Fabricant is working on ways to take your NFT garment and see it in real life (i.e. AR filters, dress an image) or wear it in the Metaverse (i.e. The Sandbox or Decentraland)

But this is only the beginning! Digital fashion’s scope will include more than trying on garments—we’ll try on new bodies, new experiences, new ideas, and new lives.

 Join the movement, today!

How Can I Get Access to the World of Women Drop?

The World of Women x The Fabricant drop will take place on June 29 on The Fabricant Studio. Participants will be invited to co-create unique WOW 3D NFT garments and make a fashionable entry in web3!

Individual wallets can mint a maximum of 27 garments. In other words, they can mint every piece in the collection. Users can collect, wear, and trade the co-created pieces in Web3 environments. What’s more, 10% of the proceeds will support projects working on increasing diversity in Web3. 

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of the first Web3 digital fashion collaborations between two entities and participate in the empowerment of women in the space.

Make sure to get your access to the allowlist of this exciting drop ASAP!

Here are the important details to remember:

Mint period: June 29 — July 1

Mint price: 15 FLOW

You can learn more about the drop on The Fabricant’s website. Make sure to follow The Fabricant on Twitter and join their Discord server to not miss any updates!