World Of Women NFT Collection: Yam Karkai’s Famous Female Project

World of Women is making a mark in the NFT space by bringing diversity and inclusivity. The project by female NFT artist Yam Karkai exclusively features avatars of unique, cool, and diverse women. With the trailblazing avatars, the top NFT collection aims to address the lack of female representation in the crypto industry.

Apart from celebrating women through its artwork, the collection also aims to promote female NFT artists and support women-led organizations. Launched in July of 2021, World of Women is currently one of the top female-led NFT projects in the space. Moreover, it is the first blue-chip project focusing on female empowerment. Read on to uncover all you need to know about the World of Women, using our ultimate guide.

World of Women NFT Collection from female NFT artist

World of Women is leading the charge to promote female NFT artists and women in crypto. Credit: World of Women

“I launched the collection at a time where I really felt like a change was needed in this space,” WoW’s co-founder and artist, Yam Karkai told NFTevening in an interview. “At the time, the collectible projects that were booming were clearly directed for the male public, and there was nothing there for women to feel related to.”

What is the World of Women NFT collection?

The World of Women NFT collection consists of 10,000 randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarities. There are up to eleven traits and a combination of 189 attributes. For example, there are 14 skin tones, 25 hairstyles, 23 facial features, and 28 eye combinations. All of which promote the diversity of Women within the NFT space.

Some specific rarity traits grant users access to exclusive clubs. These include a royalties club that splits 50% of OpenSea secondary sale royalties amongst members. Then, an investors club will split profits from the WOW fund that was created to support other female artists in the NFT space. Finally, a curators club which helps decide what art the WOW fund will purchase.

Who created the World of Women?

World of Women was created by four friends: Yam Karkai, Raphaël Malavieille, BBA, and Toomaie. Freelance NFT artist Yam Karkai created each piece of digital art for the project. Yam is at the heart of the project, and was a freelance digital artist before entering the NFT space. Much like other freelancers, Yam joined Fiverr in an attempt to find clients, as she was not connected to agents and third parties in the traditional art world.

“I got into NFTs because I was excited about a potential opportunity for me to make it as an artist in a completely different way than I was able to do before,” she adds “And it’s completely up to me – I have the power in my own hands.”

Yam created 200 different women over the course of two months, and these drawings and layers within them were randomly generated into the 10,000 World of Women NFTs.


Different world of women avatars by female nft artist

Freelance NFT artist Yam Karkai created each piece of digital art for the project. Credit: WoW

How much does a WoW NFT cost?

The relevant narrative and impressive artwork of the project worked out well because the project immediately sold out. It is also doing well in the secondary market. Soon after launch, we reported that a World of Women NFT sold for a record-breaking 20 ETH or $55,000. The item was Women #2925, and the collector goes by the name jaft.

Overall, the project has a lifetime volume of 71,000 ETH or roughly $81.2 million, according to OpenSea. As of now (October 2022), the floor price is 2.35 ETH, or around $1,485. To put things in perspective, in August 2021, the floor price was only $0.48 ETH or $548. Actually, the project first hit the 9 ETH floor early this year.

Which celebrities Own a WoW?

World of Women is an extremely popular project, endorsed by many influential names. Therefore, several celebrities, including Gary Vee, have praised the project for the quality of its art. In an Instagram video, the CEO of Vaynermedia nudged his 9.1 Million followers to check out the NFT Collection because of its “fire art” and huge potential. Even Farokh, Steve Aoki, and  Paul Logan tweeted words of support for the project. Furthermore, movie stars Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria, and Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes also endorsed the project.

The community also had a blast linking the NFTs to real-life successful women from the music, film, comedy industries and more! For example, they noticed that NFTs have an uncanny resemblance to Lady Gaga, Lupita Nyongo, and Ali Wong. 

However, it is not only celebrities themselves who are buying into WoW, but whole companies too. The New Zealand Rugby Commercial purchased a staggering 33 World of Women Galaxy (WoWG) NFTs. This was the team’s first step into web3, and they certainly stepped out in style. 

Steve Aoki tweets about the female NFT artist Collection

Credit: World of Women

WoW follows up with a second collection: World Of Women Galaxy

World of Women first hinted at a new collection, called World Of Women Galaxy, late last year. After much hype, the collection finally dropped on March 26. Despite a slight hiccup, the collection sold out in a jiffy. Just days later, the collection’s floor price rose to 1.57 ETH, amassing 17,700 ETH or about $60 million in sales volume as per the market values at the time. Needless to say, just like the first collection from the project, World Of Women Galaxy too is a huge success.

But, what exactly is the World Of Women Galaxy NFT collection? The collection features 22,222 “powerful and diverse” avatars that call themselves ‘WoW Galaxy’. Of this, 10,000 were reserved for WoW holders for free. To celebrate the project’s launch, Eva Longoria even gave away WoW Galaxy allowlist spots on Twitter!

As the name suggests, the WoW Galaxy avatars sport futuristic traits, in contrast to the OG WoWs. Like World of Women, Karkai created the artwork for WoW galaxy as well.  The idea was to expand the original collection with a larger and more affordable second collection.

Actually, WoW Galaxy has its own lore. Apparently, after the world expanded to a new galaxy, ‘The Assembly of Women’ received cryptic messages. Decoding the puzzles led to the discovery of Earth but from the future. Turns out, women from the future had sent the message, who then traveled to the new galaxy through a time travel portal. It was during this journey that some of them transform into WoW Galaxy.

“From the very beginning, WoW has envisioned creating a brand that is united around advancing and celebrating representation, inclusivity and equal opportunities for all,” the project notes on its website. “WoW Galaxy is the continuation of this mission.”

What is WoW Galaxy Champions and Guardians?

In late March 2022, WoW introduced Galaxy Champions and Guardians. In a nutshell, these are 16 unique 1/1 NFTs within the WowGalaxy collection. Notably, these are unique art pieces that Karkai individually drew by hand, “with lots of love and hard work”. Moreover, each NFT in the series have their own “inspirations, themes, vibes…”

Now, Champions belong to the World of Women’s genesis collection and only WoW holders could discover them. As the project explained, “as WoWs passed through the portal leading them to the Galaxy, some of them became Champions of their planets.”

On the other hand, the Guardians were already existing in the Galaxy. They were revealed during the mint of WoWGalaxy. In fact, it is confirmed that YouTuber Logan Paul was the lucky one to mint the Golden Star Champion.

Golden Star Champion WoW

Golden Star Champion owned by Logan Paul.

Building the WowVerse: WoW Capacitors

World of Women continues to offer new collectibles to their holders. On July 6th, 2022, WoW NFT holders received an airdrop of blue NFT capacitors. At first, only WoW NFT holders had the airdrop, then, after a series of clues, World of Women Galaxy holders received their own airdrop 20 days later. However, the WoW Galaxy capacitors are green.  The capacitors are the first step in the launch of the WowVerse.

WoW has built a brand that allows people to represent themselves digitally, through PFPs,” said Shannon Snow, COO of World of Women. “As the first female-centric NFT brand to breakthrough to the mainstream, we couldn’t be more excited for the next iteration and expansion of the WoWverse, which begins the enablement of building and empowering your digital identity in new, innovative ways.”

The WowVerse is the World of Women Universe. Holders can transform their capacitors into a virtual apartment space – all for free. Not only this, but they can customize and design their virtual spaces however they like.

Designed by Chief Creative Officer Yam Karkai, the virtual apartments are beautiful! The spaces are colorful, unique, and truly reflect the style of WoW.  The virtual apartments were created in partnership with web3 world-building platform OnCyber. Significantly, there are two types of virtual apartments – the blue capacitor gives you access to the beautiful Origin Residence, while a green capacitor to the outstanding Nebula Quarters.

Holders can transform their capacitor, or wait. Once transformed, it cannot be used to transform again. There are different windows of time for capacitor transformations, offering new ways to customize your virtual apartment. Season one closed at the end of September, and season two is yet to begin.

WoW boasts several incredible partnerships in the space

Since its launch, World of Women has partnered with several organizations for NFT drops, donations, and more.

WoW x The Fabricant

The Fabricant and World of Women (WoW) joined forces to make Web3 more fashionable and diverse with a 27-piece digital fashion collection. The drop happened on June 29th, 2022, with the stunning collection inspired by the characters in the WoW NFT artworks.

WoW x Jazwares

Recently, World of Women announced its partnership with Jazwares, a global leader in toys and licensing. As a result of the collaboration, Jazwares will have exclusive rights to design, manufacture, and promote WoW-based dolls, figures, costumes, and accessories. This is the first time that the WoW avatars will be getting physical versions.

Jazwares dolls

The WoW dolls will drop next year.

WoW x The Sandbox

Early in March 2022, World of Women inked a partnership with another big name in the industry—The Sandbox. The two projects are collaborating to drop the WoW Foundation to bring more women into the NFT and metaverse space. Reportedly, The Sandbox has given WoW a $25 million grant to launch the WoW Foundation.

With the funding spread out over five years, WoW will focus on four core causes—supporting artists and projects, educating newcomers, giving back to charities, and giving more visibility to women-centric causes. Furthermore, the partnership will also see the release of a WoW Museum in The Sandbox, WoW voxels, WoW University, and a WoW academy.

WoW x The Billboard

Another iconic partnership of WoW is with music publication, Billboard. To celebrate successful women in the music industry, Billboard and WoW dropped three limited-edition NFT Billboard covers featuring female musical legends. The three covers featured Karkai’s portraits of iconic singers Christina Aguilera, Madonna, and Mariah Carey.

WoW’s WOMEN & CLIMATE auction

Similarly, in an important collaboration in February 2022, World of Women partnered with non-profit organization Code Green to launch an NFT collection, WOMEN & CLIMATE. The carbon net-negative digital NFT auction, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and SuperRare, featured works from 12 amazing artists.

The auction’s aim was to support women and girls affected by the climate crisis. All proceeds from the auction were donated to three women-led solutions to growing the Great Green Wall. These are—’s Uplink Challenge, Great Green Wall Frontline, and The Global Shea Alliance (GSA). The Great Green Wall is an initiative “growing an 8000km natural wonder of the world across Africa”.

WOMEN & CLIMATE exhibition poster

WoW’s WOMEN & CLIMATE exhibition launched in February 2022. Credits: World of Women

More recently, World of Women also announced a partnership with digital fashion house, The Fabricant. Reportedly, WoW will feature in the platform’s upcoming Season 2 fashion event. Apart from this, the project has also signed with Madonna’s ex Manager, Guy Oseary, to expand into the entertainment and gaming industries.

World of Women Events

World of Women certainly know how to host an event. One of the most talked-about events at NFT-NYC in June of 2022 was the WoW party, featuring none other than pop icon Madonna. On June 23rd of 2022, Madonna took center stage at World of Women’s NYC event, performing in celebration of Pride Month.

However, WoW fully embrace web3 by hosting events both IRL and in the metaverse. One such event was the three-day metaverse fashion event, hosted with RLTY and The Fabricant. The Decentraland fashion experience was set in custom-created fashion headquarters.

The next big event from the World of Women is the WoW Gala. The Gala takes place on December 1st, at Art Basel Miami. Additionally, WoW will host its first WoW Awards during the Gala. There are eight categories, including Imaginative Art, Web3 for Good, and Creative Storytelling. The upcoming awards are a primary aspect of the Gala, and will celebrate WoW members.

The future of World Of Women

Speaking with NFTevening about the future of WoW, Karkai said: “Right now, we no longer feel like we’re just a collectible project. We really feel like we’re a community of like-minded people that share the same values and same objectives for this world and this space.”

We couldn’t agree more. In a short span of time, World of Women has taken incredible initiatives to bring diversity to the NFT space. From the beginning, the project has also been supporting one-of-one NFT artists and women-led organizations and sustainability-focused initiatives across the globe. With more partnerships coming up, we see a bright future ahead for the project.

Crypto and NFT Influencer @Talk2Much_ETH released a video review of the project and he is convinced that the project will still be here 10 years from now. He said, When looking at an NFT collection, I believe the quality of the team is your best metric to the sustainability of that collection.” he argues that World of Women is not just an NFT Collection but a movement that has established a sustainable niche.

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