Y00ts NFT Collection Does 190k Volume In Under 24 Hours

image of pink character yoots NFT upcoming

After numerous delays, the Y00ts NFT collection had its mint last night, and the statistics are staggering. In less than 24 hours, the hugely popular and secretive project has amassed over 190 thousand SOL in volume (around $6.1 million)! Incredibly, it also sits at the top of the volume charts on OpenSea with a floor price of 160 SOL ($4,900).

This means the Y00ts volume for 24 hours is more than the entire BAYC volume for the last seven days. Significantly, this is without a full NFT reveal, proving the new project’s popularity. After multiple mint delays, Y00ts is now live, and this is only the beginning.

Image of CryptoSlam volume chart with Y00ts NFT collection

Y00ts has over $6 million trading volume in its first 24 hours!

What is the Y00ts NFT collection?

Y00ts is a brand new NFT collection from the successful Solana-based DeGods project team. Consisting of 15,000 NFTS, they aim to take over the space and change how we view NFT intellectual property rights. In the last month, there has been an incredible build-up for the project, and they have been the talk of social media. 

The project is unique and secretive. One interesting aspect that helped the project gain momentum was the creative whitelist, dubbed the ‘Yootlist scholarship’ and the corresponding Twitter page. Tweets regularly showed who had been accepted onto the whitelist and added a new dimension to the process. 

Additionally, the Y00ts team has also announced a secondary NFT collection called T00bs. T00bs provides another entrance into the Y00ts ecosystem and adds extra value to the overall project.

Y00ts NFT collection has over 6 million USD volume in 24 hours!

According to data from Crypto Slam, the web3 data specialists, Y00ts has had a remarkable first 24 hours. On the opening day, there has been a crazy rush in the NFT world to buy one of these NFTs.

Y00ts are now trading at 160 SOL. Within the first six hours, it was topping the seven-day trading volume charts on OpenSea! 

If you look at the sales volume, the Y00ts NFT collection mint has been a huge success. However, there have been one or two speedbumps along the way. What’s more, many people are still having issues trying to mint.

This evening, @Y00tsNFT tweeted, “We will give the waitlist a 24-hour heads up. As of right now, still working hard at making sure everyone that is trying to mint & getting errors has their issues resolved. It’s the fairest solution.”

image of Y00ts NFT collection logo

The price of a free mint Y00ts NFT is now 160 SOL.

Problems and delays with the free NFT mint

The Y00ts NFT collection was scheduled to mint on September 5th. However, shortly before the mint time, the team announced they had found a ‘blocker bug’ in the NFT contract.

The Y00ts founder and creator of DeGods, @frankdegods, tweeted an apology on September 5th. He said, “I’m disappointed in myself and our team, but I’m not worried. Not all of our plans changed today, just a serious wake-up call on how severely we need to fix this delay issue.”

Two days later, the project is now minting, and we see a massive FOMO for the free mint project. In the coming weeks, and when the NFTs are revealed, we will see how Y00ts adapts and moves forward. But, with people still having issues trying to mint, it isn’t the ideal start for the Y00ts NFT collection.

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