YSL Beauty Unveils Web3 Campaign’s 2nd Chapter With Exclusive NFT Drop

After the success of its debut Web3 campaign, “Black Opium The Night Is Ours,” YSL Beauty returns with a new NFT drop! The new collection titled “YSL Beauty Night Masters” was created by three female artists. All of the proceeds will go to charities, and those who buy NFTs will get bonus surprises! Accordingly, the grand launch will take place on March 6th with only 100 copies per NFT, so let’s find out all about it.

digital poster of three female faces in the night for YSL Beauty

YSL Beauty returns to the NFT scene with the second chapter of its web3 campaign, “Black Opium The Night Is Ours.”

YSL Beauty NFTs: What Does the New Chapter Bring?

This spring, YSL Beauty will start in true Web3 style with a brand-new digital campaign. The project celebrates female creativity, technology, and YSL’s iconic Black Opium franchise.

To celebrate the launch, the iconic brand will drop three NFTs carrying the unique style of three respected digital artists:

  • Dr. Ivona Tau: this mixed-media artist uses generative AI to innovate her photography and painting artworks;
  • Laura Sills: a New York-based photographer, Laura captures city life with a glimpse of surrealism;
  • Natalie Amrossi: the aerial photographer captures impressive moments of the world as seen from above.

Each artist will reveal a new approach to the campaign’s central theme: “YSL Beauty Night Masters.” There will be 3 NFTs and 100 copies available for minting starting March 6th for YSL Beauty Blocks NFT holders and selected token holders on the P00LS platform. Meanwhile, the public sale will happen on March 8th with a fixed price of 0.2 ETH.

image of the YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum NFT

YSL Beauty debuted their Web3 journey last summer with a 10K NFT collection.

What Perks do NFT Holders Get?

In addition to the NFT itself, each YSL Beauty holder will get a metal print of their artwork. Community members will also get a physical Black Opium set that includes 30ml bottles of the new Black Opium Le Parfum and the Black Opium Eau de Parfum.

Last but not least, each NFT holder contributes to three honorable charities. YSL Beauty will use all proceeds from the NFT sales to their global program “Abuse Is Not Love,” as well as the South African “ADAPT”, USA-based “It’s On Us,” and the Czech Republic NGO “Profem.”

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