Yuga Labs CEO Promises A Mysterious Accessible Project Coming “Soon”

Yuga Labs CEO

Yuga Labs’ CEO, Nicole Muniz has promised a mysterious future project that is set to be coming soon, in an interview with Laurie Segall. This interview has got fans excited about what could be next, as Muniz was almost secretive when the future project question was posed.

Yuga Labs CEO

Yuga Labs CEO, Nicole Muniz, was interviewed about the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The Interview

Laurie Segall of D3 Network sat down with the CEO of Yuga Labs (the company behind BAYC), Nicole Muniz to discuss the success of the popular collection until now, the impact of web3 and the future of the collection.

To begin, Muniz began to list the limitless possibilities that holders of BAYCs can do with their NFTs. Also noting that people spend so much money on Bored Apes for “culture, and community and also momentum”.

“BAYC is just the beginning”. She said when questioned if she was worried regular people would be filtered out of the project. “We have Yuga Labs, the company has a very, very big vision and plans to do a lot of things and that means growing our community, that means growing the greater NFT community.”

When posed the question on future projects from Yuga Labs, Muniz didn’t give away much. Simply nodding and smiling to answer most follow-up questions. This was surely expected, but fans will be getting excited that the team is working on something big.

Throughout the whole interview, Muniz was extremely well-spoken. She showed why she’s a great face and voice for the brand. The video was concluded by her saying “Ironically, it (the NFT and web3 space) is not boring.” To watch the entire 25-minute interview, you can find it on YouTube here.

BAYC’s Founders’ Doxxing

The interview was filmed post-doxxing of Gargamel and Gordon, and Nicole mentioned something relative to the story about the company’s stance on pseudonyms:

“I believe and the company believes that identity is a personal choice. You should be able to walk through this world the way you want to walk through the world.” She added, “There’s this misconception that because you use a pseudonym you’re not accountable and that’s not true.”

On the other hand, she said “We believe in free press”, and also said that they received a phone call (presumably from BuzzFeed) and all they asked for was time to tell their families that the founders’ names would be out there and make sure they were safe. Nicole said she was given 30 minutes to do this. She also mentioned that she was worried about kidnappings and other things.

Yuga Labs’ and BAYC’s Next Moves

Fans have been awaiting the release of the $APE token, which has been rumoured for a while. People hope to see this as a governance token for the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. But there has been no confirmation on a date from Yuga Labs, or their CEO, Nicole Muniz.

Further, people were speculating around the involvement of the BAYC at this year’s Super Bowl between the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals. However, were disappointed when nothing major was seen. These rumours stemmed from the fact that Eminem and Snoop Dogg were performing at half-time. They’re massive advocates of the project. In addition, the Club even said they had no Super Bowl plans. Because people thought they were bluffing, that added to the disappointment. In fact, they were being serious and nothing was set to happen.

Finally, some people are still awaiting a properly-run Bored Ape Yacht Club game. This was in the works, however, there were issues in the publication. Now, again, the registration for the mobile game for BAYC and MAYC holders: ‘BAYC vs MAYC’ is open. You can see more information on this here.

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