Yuga Labs Reveal More Details About ‘Legends of the Mara’ Game

Yuga Labs just revealed new details about Legends of Mara’s 2d gaming experience! The BAYC Otherside metaverse continues to reveal itself.  The newest information – Voyagers Otherdeeds will serve as “boards” during this new episode. However, only one Vessel will be able to “nest” on a board at a time. Let’s review what we know so far about Legends of Mara.

A screenshot of the Legends of the Mara logo by Yuga Labs

Yuga Labs Legends of Mara

The Otherdeed Expanded NFT will serve as the board for Yuga Labs’ 2D web-based game, Legends of The Mara (LoTM). To participate in the game, players will need at least one Otherdeed Expanded NFT. You also need one of the following to play: Koda, Kodamara, Mara (Hunter or Farmer), or Vessel.

Otherdeed holders can currently claim one Vessel per Otherdeed they hold. Once you claim a vessel, you will be randomly assigned as either Hunting, Farming, or Enchanting type vessels.

It is important to note that Vessels will play an important role in the game. “Only one Vessel can be nested on any given Otherdeed Expanded at a time. So choose your first Vessel(s) to nest into Mara wisely,” Yuga Labs’ Gaming Team explained in a press release. “The mechanics of nesting will be further defined in the Legends of the Mara Litepaper.”

Additionally, the Yuga Labs team noted that “Vessels with the Enchanter trait and Enchanter Mara have a special role”. We should know more about it soon. 

What Do We Know So Far?

Yuga Labs unveiled LoTM at the end of March. The game delves into the origins of the Kodas and their primal connection to their environment, as well as the story of the Otherside.

Kodas are the primary guardians of the Otherside. They exist on certain Otherdeed NFTs. Players have the ability to add or remove Kodas from these NFTs. Another key element in the game is the introduction of Maras, otherworldly creatures that hatch from Vessels after an incubation period. Initially, Maras are capable of performing only simple tasks, and they come in three types: Farmers, Hunters, or Enchanters.

Yuga Labs has revealed that Maras will be separate ERC-721 tokens, distinct from Vessels, and part of a new contract/NFT collection. Once Maras emerge from their Vessels, players can buy and sell them on trading platforms.

Yuga Labs will reveal more information in the coming weeks. However, we already know that the game will feature intricate gameplay mechanics that evolve over time. Yuga Labs mentioned that “throughout the course of gameplay, there will be opportunities to earn new entitlements, upgrade existing entitlements, and evolve entitlements earned”, with more details to be shared closer to the game’s release date.

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