Yuga Labs Teases “Legends Of The Mara”: Here’s All You Need To Know

Breaking: Yuga Labs announces new “Legends Of The Mara” experience to take place later in the year. The 2D interactive experience is powered by ApeCoin, as per the official Yuga Labs tweet. This event takes place right after the second trip to the BAYC Otherside Metaverse happening on March 23rd.

a picture of the poster of the latest Yuga Labs / Otherside 2D project - "Legend Of The Mara" - it is a fully red background with what appears to be a knife-like shard of some kind in black in the forefront.

What is the Yuga Labs “Legends Of The Mara” Experience?

The official Otherside Metaverse Twitter account announced the new experience on Tuesday, with a cryptic ‘cinematic’ poster. Web3 Twitter quickly deciphered the message, though. The top line in the poster reads “The Shattered Vessels”. To add to the mystery, Yuga Labs has currently not announced any other details surrounding the new project.

Following the announcement, Yuga Labs’ Chief Gaming Officer, Spencer Tucker, took to Twitter and told the community that 2023 is going to be a big year for the company’s metaverse. His tweet also points out that this is the year that Otherside answers the question “WTF is a Koda?”. This event signifies a forward momentum for the NFT blue chip brand. In October 2022, BAYC co-founder Garga stated that this would be the year that marks the “Persistent World” of the Otherside metaverse.

The Plot Thickens

Twitter user Kupo Koda (@Broly9000NFT) took a deep dive into the poster and linked multiple clues across the Yuga ecosystem to draw new theories around “The Shattered Vessels” poster. They point out that “The Shattered Vessels” is another name for the Big Bang – the cosmic event that jumpstarted our universe. Pointing to the leaked Yuga Labs pitch deck, which states that the Koda creatures are born from the Big Bang.

Furthermore, Kupo links the “Legend Of The Mara” to the Buddhist philosophies to derive further explanations. In Buddhism, Mara is a celestial creature, to be precise, more like a celestial king. He is also represented as having a third eye, and so do some of the Kodas. This leads us to believe Mara may refer to a “King Of Kodas”.

The original Legends Of The Mara sees Buddha Buddha overcoming many tribulations to reach enlightenment. Furthermore, Mara, the celestial king sends armies after Buddha as he tries to reach enlightenment. Kupo Koda also believes the project connects to Beeple as well. In his Twitter thread, he links the Mara to 10KTF Kagami with symbolism.

Beeple also earlier posted mysterious pictures with black circles surrounded by an army. This may signify a hint towards him working on the Mara. Furthermore, Beeple has sent invites to holders of Beeple NFTs to launch Beeple Studios. He has also allotted 30 tickets for his grand opening to Kagami holders. In conclusion, the series of clues may point to one question – is Beeple creating Mara, the celestial demon king? Are Kodas his celestial army?

NFTEvening follows the story as it develops. The full Twitter thread can be found here for more details, including clues to 10KTF, Kagami and more.

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