ZachXBT Reveals Sketchy NFT Activity of Rapper Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy NFT

ZachXBT has uncovered some shocking news regarding American rapper Soulja Boy and his NFT activity. After conducting an online investigation, ZachXBT has revealed that Soulja Boy has been scamming people. Significantly, the rapper has supported 16 NFT drops and 73 promotions on Twitter. This news is causing quite a stir in the NFT community. So, what’s actually happening?

Soulja Boy NFT

Soulja Boy Under Fire for Allegedly Participating in Pump-and-Dump Schemes with NFTs.

Soulja Boy Accused of NFT Scams

As NFTs continue to surge in popularity, so do the cases of scams and fraudulent activities. Soulja Boy is the latest celebrity to be accused of participating in these questionable NFT-related practices. Recent reports have revealed that the rapper has been promoting his NFT drops and enticing his followers to invest in them. Subsequently, he abandons them soon after in what seems to be a classic pump-and-dump scheme. Ultimately, his behavior has left his loyal supporters with worthless investments. It’s clear that with the growing popularity of NFTs, there’s an urgent need for more transparency and accountability in the industry.

Let’s take a look at some examples. In July 2021, Soulja Boy, along with Quavo and Lil Yachty, promoted the NFT project RapDoge. This was then canceled and caused significant losses for investors. Another instance of such a scam was ParrotsDAO. The project was announced one day and then rug-pulled the next, leaving many investors in the lurch. The rapper’s involvement in Flokinomics promotion, which turned out to be a scam, also came under scrutiny.

picture of soulja boy's NFT promotion tweet

Reckless NFT Promotions Raise Red Flags in the Community

Despite previous controversies and failures, Soulja Boy has continued to produce and promote NFTs. On-chain sleuth, ZachXBT, revealed that the rapper charged up to $12,000 for Instagram promotions. Furthermore, he charged up to $10,000 for Twitter ads during the previous cryptocurrency bull run. This suggests that he may be more interested in making money than the interests of his fans.

Ultimately, the community has become increasingly concerned about Soulja Boy’s actions and his willingness to participate in such fraudulent activities. The rise of NFTs has led to an increase in scams, and it is important for celebrities to be mindful of their actions and promote projects responsibly. The community hopes that Soulja Boy will take responsibility for his actions and take steps to restore his fans’ trust.

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