Zebedee and Edgegap Revolutionize Gaming with Bitcoin Integration

Zebedee and Edgegap

Edgegap and ZEBEDEE have teamed up to make Edgegap’s multiplayer game platform accessible to game developers! They’re doing this by using ZEBEDEE’s payment system. The collaboration aims to create a unified global marketplace for game makers and players alike. Significantly, the partnership brings together two innovative companies to achieve this vision. Let’s dive in!

Zebedee and Edgegap

ZEBEDEE and Edgegap are revolutionizing gaming with global payments and rapid distribution.

How are ZEBEDEE and Edgegap Changing the Game?

Firstly, let’s take a look at the two partner companies. ZEBEDEE is a popular payment processor for gaming. They are backed by big investors like Square Enix, the creators of Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider. Additionally, ZEBEDEE offers tools to create in-game economies and allows global payments of any size using the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Basically, by using ZEBEDEE, game developers can easily make real money in their games and provide a seamless experience for players.

Secondly, Edgegap is a cutting-edge technology company founded by Mathieu Duperré in 2018. Notably, they are changing the game in computing and automation. Furthermore, their platform impressively uses containers to help developers distribute their games and applications globally in mere seconds. With an impressive client list that includes Alderon Games, Hiberworld, Matrioshka Games, Path of Titans, Triple Hill, and Whalefood Games, Edgegap is quickly becoming a leading player in the gaming industry.

So what will this partnership actually look like? ZEBEDEE makes it possible for game developers to use Bitcoin to pay and get paid in their games. They can even make tiny payments for game actions, and it happens instantly with no extra fees. Edgegap makes sure that the game runs smoothly by placing it in the best location and using fast servers. Markedly, this partnership helps game makers and players by making the game experience more exciting and allowing them to pay and play in new ways.

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