Zeneca Twitter Hacked – Was This The Scam Yuga Warned Us About?

It’s been a tough week for Zeneca after his Twitter account was mysteriously hacked. Accordingly, the attack happened despite Zeneca’s 2FA authenticator and other safety measures. The incident came shortly after Yuga Labs warned the Twitter NFT community of a “threat group” targeting everybody in the market.

image of Twitter NFT influencer and collector Zeneca whose Twitter account was hacked

The Twitter NFT influencer Zeneca had his social media account hacked this week. Credit: ZenAcademy

How was Zeneca’s Twitter account hacked?

The NFT influencer Zeneca had his Twitter account hacked less than 48 hours ago. As soon as hackers compromised his account, they started sharing malicious links.

“I have very little idea of how it happened,” the collector wrote in a Twitter thread via ZenAcademy. The hackers allegedly managed to go past Zeneca’s 2FA on Google Authenticator.

Soon enough, though, Twitter locked down the account. Meanwhile, the NFT community rang the alarm, warning users to ignore the malicious links.

Surprisingly, one entity might have predicted Zeneca’s incident via Twitter: Yuga Labs.

Twitter screenshot from Yuga Labs warning against a social media scam

Yuga Labs might have predicted Zeneca’s hacking incident in a Tweet. Credit: Twitter

Did Yuga Labs predict the Twitter scam?

One day before Zeneca’s Twitter account was hacked, Yuga Labs posted an interesting message. Basically, the team warned users of a “threat group” targeting the NFT community. In addition, they said this mysterious group would soon compromise many social media accounts of NFT influencers.

About 24 hours later, hackers indeed compromised Zeneca’s Twitter account.

In fact, the same happened to many other high-profile Twitter NFT accounts recently. DegenTown, Duppies, and @franklinisbored (the 7th largest BAYC collector) had their accounts hacked too. Surprisingly, even the British Army Twitter account was hacked by NFT scammers! Each time, the culprits started sharing malicious links using the victim’s Twitter feed.

To conclude, Yuga Labs might have predicted Zeneca’s Twitter hacking incident. Looking into the recent incidents, the possibility of a threat group targeting Twitter NFT users is real.

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