Zora Launches A New Powerful NFT API With The Info Of Over 42M NFTs

Zora API platform

Zora has announced the launch of its new NFT API platform that provides detailed records on over 42 million NFTs. This includes minting information, historical data, every sale made, current market value, metadata, and optimized NFT media.

Zora API platform

Zora launches the most powerful NFT API

While still expanding to other chains, Zora offers NFT-related data at a much larger scale than competing APIs today. With all the data, you need to get started building with NFTs. The ZORA API has detailed records for all NFTs, including minting and historical information such as price paid and transfers.

Furthermore, Zora’s API has a text-based search feature allowing users to find NFTs with keywords and phrases. This feature enables users to explore the expansive world of NFTs effortlessly. Zora’s impressive API indexes data from every market, including OpenSea LooksRare and Zora marketplaces. Whether building an analytics tool or the next groundbreaking platform, Zora’s API provides the data needed to accomplish any mission.

The Zora Protocol

Zora is a public protocol allowing anyone to buy, sell or create NFTs. Zora believes in the power of collective creation and believes owners should benefit sustainably from their work. Therefore, as a feeless protocol, Zora takes zero fees when listing and selling your NFTs. Now, developers, founders, wallet providers, and the public can access all the info they need to build with NFTs.

What Is Cryptomedia?

Cryptomedia revolves around the concept that the innovation of crypto blockchains enables unrestricted access to media for all members of society (often called “the commons”). While also entitling the holder to benefits regarding the piece’s value. In Short, Cryptomedia means the media is free, allowing anyone to share or use it. Yet, the creator can still own media.

“Crytomedia captures the paradox that while an artistic work is allowed to be used freely, it is still valuable. People will still pay the original creator for the right to be the work owner. It is akin to owning a painting, but displaying it in a public gallery for free. The public enjoys it, but the creator/future owner can still buy and sell the ownership rights of the work.” -Zora

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