Atomic Ordinals by Elena are the Most Hyped NFT This Month

A prominent household name in the Web3 space is launching an Ordinals collection. Here’s everything you need to know about Atomic Ordinals by Elena.


  • The highly anticipated NFT collection by Web3 influencer Elena, Atomic Ordinals, has a current bid of 0.4469 BTC. Therefore, it is generating immense hype as the most talked-about ordinal mint this month.
  • Representing Elena’s diverse interests, Atomordinals is an exclusive on-chain abstract art collection inscribed on rare Bitcoin Sats. Limited to 250 hand-created pieces, each holds historical significance and carries a vision for a healthy crypto world.
  • The centerpiece of the collection is the “Heart of Genesis,” inscribed on a sat mined by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Collectors can participate in the ongoing Heart of Genesis auction for a chance to acquire an Atomic Ordinal. Whitelist holders will mint the remaining collection through Magic Eden on Bitcoin, with only 200 NFTs available for the exclusive community.
Still from Atomic Ordinals by Elena

Atomic Ordinals by Elena

Elena’s Atomic Ordinals

Significantly, one of the most influential and beloved individuals in Web3, Elena, is generating immense hype with her latest NFT collection, Atomordinals. With a current genesis bid of 0.4469 BTC, it is shaping up to be the most hyped Ordinal mint this June.

After graduating from Cornell pre-med with honors and currently studying for the MCAT, Elena’s diverse background encompasses medicine, art, education, and emerging technology. Now, with NFTs, Elena has the opportunity to merge her interests and bring them to life.

What’s more, Atomordinals represents Elena’s vision of a healthy world for crypto. As her Genesis Art Collection, it serves as a medium to promote her vision to the world. This exclusive on-chain abstract art collection is inscribed on rare Bitcoin Sats, ensuring its historical significance. In addition, each hand-created piece, limited to a total supply of just 250, is truly unique and meaningful.

The response to Elena’s initial announcement has been remarkable. With 528K views, her project has become the talk of the town in Web3. Furthermore, Atomordinal’s Twitter page has organically amassed more than 16,000 followers, making it the center of attention in the community.

The Heart of Genesis

At the heart of this collection lies the “Heart of Genesis.” This symbolic piece is inscribed on a Block 9 sat, mined by none other than Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009. Thus, as the oldest sats in circulation, they possess provenance and historical significance.

To acquire an Atomic Ordinal, interested collectors can participate in the ongoing Heart of Genesis auction hosted by NeoSwap AI. With two days remaining, the highest bid stands at 0.4469 BTC. The auction winner and the top 10 bidders will also receive whitelist access for the main mint.

Those on the Whitelist will mint the remaining collection using Magic Eden on Bitcoin following the auction. Only 200 NFTs will be available via Whitelist, making them even more exclusive. To join the community of collectors, follow Atomordinals on Twitter, enable notifications to participate in quests, and contribute to the community.

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