NFTs Driving Change

By Reethu Ravi - July 30, 2023

A bi-monthly column where I highlight projects and creators using NFTs and other Web3 tools to create real-world impact.

NFTs Driving Change: All About Tatler Gen.T’s First Charity NFT collection


Meta vs Mass Adoption

By Jem - March 11, 2023

If you’ve been into web3 for a while, you’ll have encountered some trends. You might have even heard people chucking around the word “meta”. For those of you that haven’t, let me explain: The web3 space has grown its own niches – or metas – over time. While some become movements,  others get re-introduced to the mainstream, or fizzle out of existence. The question is: How do you know if the latest meta will stand the test of time?

Meta v Mass Adoption: An Introduction to NFT Trends


Oceanside: Web3 Music

By Vineet - April 13, 2023

All About Music In Web3: NFTEvening Oceanside #001