Banksy Painting “Love is in the Air” to Grace Global Museums via Particle’s NFT Fractionalization

Banksy’s iconic painting “Love is in the Air” embarks on a global museum tour via NFT fractionalization. This is all thanks to Particle, a digital art platform. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Particle’s digital art platform announces a global museum tour for Banksy’s “Love is in the Air,” with stops in London, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. Co-owners voted for this new move, aligning with Particle’s mission to democratize art ownership.
  • The fractionalization of artworks into NFTs allows enthusiasts, including notable figures like Beeple, to participate in the governance of masterpieces. Thus, influencing the art world.
  • The Banksy painting, valued at $12.9 million, will debut at a Street Art exhibition in the UK. This is before captivating audiences during six-month stays at the MOCO in Amsterdam and Barcelona. This trend reflects institutions’ increasing acceptance of digital art and NFTs, contributing to an inclusive and immersive art world.
Still from fractionalized NFT

Banksy’s “Love is in The Air” as a Fractionalized NFT

Banksy’s Art Embarks on World Tour via NFT Fractionalization

Particle, a digital art platform, has announced the iconic Banksy painting, “Love is in the Air.” In a new move, the artwork will embark on a global museum tour. Thus, gracing the walls of prestigious museums in London, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. This decision was reached through a democratic voting process, wherein the 10,000 co-owners of the artwork had the opportunity to voice their opinions.

At the core of Particle’s ethos is the mission to democratize art ownership. By fractionalizing expensive artworks into NFTs, Particle enables art fans to participate in the display and governance of these masterpieces. Notable figures such as Beeple, Paris Hilton, and Kevin Rose have already joined the ranks of over 2,600 co-owners. Therefore, they are taking advantage of this unique opportunity to engage with and influence the art world.

The celebrated Banksy painting, with an estimated value of $12.9 million, will begin its grand journey in the United Kingdom. This is where it will be shown in a Street Art exhibition titled “The Urban Frame: Mutiny in Colour” in Newmarket. Following its debut, the artwork will be shown to audiences during six-month stays at the MOCO in Amsterdam and Barcelona, Thus, bringing joy to art lovers around the world.

Moreover, this journey aligns with the growing trend of institutions enjoying digital art and NFTs. The Centre Pompidou in Paris, for instance, recently acquired artworks by notable artists like Sarah Meyohas and Jonas Lund. Similarly, the LACMA museum in Los Angeles has used Generative Art pieces by Cozomo De’ Medici. It shows the works of Dmitri Cherniak, Cai Guo-Quiang, Matt DesLauriers, and Monica Rizzoli.

The Rise of Digital Artworks

The rise of digital artwork and NFTs shows a growing future for art ownership and governance. Particle’s pioneering role in this landscape is crucial, as it fosters shared ownership and democratizes access to art. By liberating high-value artworks and bringing them to life for global audiences, Particle contributes to a more inclusive art world. Therefore, this is where art lovers can engage with and appreciate extraordinary creations.

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