Bitcoin for Ken, NFTs for Barbie

Ryan Gosling as ken from the barbie movie

Barbie is the topic of every conversation right now – including NFTs. Now, Barbie herself is speaking about cryptocurrency, as she playfully touched on the topic during a recent interview. So, what did Margot Robbie, aka Barbie, have to say?


  • Margot Robbie, as Barbie, playfully dismissed Bitcoin as a typical “Ken” topic in a recent interview.
  • Mattel, the parent company of Barbie, has been actively embracing NFTs since 2021, exploring partnerships and auctions in the NFT space.
  • Barbie’s involvement with NFTs includes creating unique NFTs based on various professions, signing a partnership with Cryptoys, and launching their own NFT marketplace, showcasing a strong interest in the NFT world.
Ryan Gosling as ken from the barbie movie

Is Ken a Bitcoin Maxi? (img credit: Warner Bros)


Bitcoin is for Kens

When speaking about ‘Ken’, Actress Margot Robbie dismissed Bitcoin as a perfect Ken topic. To clarify, both Robbie and director Greta Gerwig joked about how male producers like David Heyman, and Robbie’s husband Tom Ackerly, seemed to always be talking about the cryptocurrency.

“When David and Tom would start talking about Bitcoin or something, Greta and I would be like, ‘They’re being such Kens. Just stop being Kens!” 

Robbie simply alluded to the ‘Barbie’ movie’s portal of stereotypical male behaviours, and did not expand further than that. However, while talking about Bitcoin may be a ‘Ken’ trait, NFTs are surely a Barbie trait.

Barbie and NFTs

Mattel, the parent company of ‘Barbie’, has been embracing blockchain technology since 2021. First, Mattel explored NFTs with Hot Wheels on the WAX blockchain. Then, in January of 2022, Mattel auctioned off three one-of-one NFTs in collaboration with Balmain. In 2022, Mattel signed a multi-year partnership with NFT marketplace Cryptoys, offering exclusivity to the platform. There are plans for a Cryptoys ‘metaverse’ and play-to-earn games with Mattel’s IP – including Barbie.

Further, in October of 2022, Barbie partnered with Boss Beauties. Together, they created 15,000 NFTs based on 250 professions that Barbie has shown throughout the decades. The collections included chefs, astronauts, football players, and more. Mattel also launched their own peer-to-peer marketplace in April. At present, you can find Hot Wheels NFT Garage, Hot Wheels Series 4, Boss Beauties x Barbie, and Boss Beauties x Barbie Redemption Tokens.

So, while Robbie jokes about Bitcoin, Mattel (and therefore Barbie) continues to push forward in the NFT space.

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