Christie’s and Gucci Unite for Future Frequencies: Explorations in Generative Art and Fashion

gucci x Christie's artwork from the latest auction

Christie’s and Gucci announce their joint venture, Future Frequencies: Explorations in Generative Art and Fashion. This unique auction opens for bidding from July 18 to 25, 2023. Further, it brings together some of the most talented individuals in the digital art space.

The collaborative effort showcases a diverse group of artists who specialize in generative systems and artificial intelligence. The auction features 21 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including works by renowned artists such as Claire Silver, Emi Kusano, Emily Xie, William Mapan, Zach Lieberman, Botto, Helena Sarin, and also DRAUP.


  • Christie’s and Gucci collaborate on generative art and fashion auction.
  • NFTs by leading artists explore the intersection of fashion, art, and AI.
  • Future Frequencies auction celebrates avant-garde creativity and technology in fashion.

Christie’s x Gucci: Breaking Boundaries On Generative Art

The artists participating in this auction use their creative abilities to explore the intersection of fashion, art, and technology. Their works touch on various themes. These range from generative textile studies to algorithmic interpretations of the iconic Gucci Bamboo 1947 handle. Further, this fusion of autonomous systems, AI, and fashion also represents a groundbreaking combination of different realms.

Claire Silver and Emi Kusano.

The fashion industry revolves around garment design and production. The overlay of digital art onto the worlds of generative art and artificial intelligence, these artists simulate human-like intelligence. They also produce artistic output using algorithms, modeling, and data. The result is a pioneering approach that offers unique perspectives, often from female artists, on the limitless opportunities at the forefront of creativity and technology.

Additionally, this auction serves as an invitation to embrace avant-garde thinking and encourages the exploration of radical ideas. Moreover, to embrace the concepts that revolve around the supporting technologies of the fashion industry, aiming to shape future realities.

More About the Digital Art Auction

The auction takes place on Christie’s 3.0, a fully on-chain auction platform introduced by Christie’s in 2022. Additionally, the works will be showcased on Gucci Art Space. This space is an online gallery that empowers artists by providing them with the freedom to explore innovative concepts.

Furthermore, Gucci Art Space aims to disrupt and redefine existing norms in the art world. This initiative builds upon Gucci’s launch of its Vault Art Space in 2022. It also presents an immersive digital environment and an exhibition titled “The Next 100 Years of Gucci.” Not only that, but the exhibition also featured a selection of NFT artworks, each representing a visionary and collectible fragment of Gucci’s vibrant heritage.

One of the participating artists, Claire Silver, shares her thoughts on the exhibition: “I am incredibly proud to present two works: Shinjitai, a collaboration with Emi Kusano for Gucci, and style moderne, a solo piece for Christie’s. Shinjitai, meaning ‘new character forms,’ is wearable art that merges Gucci’s iconic aesthetic with the spirit of Harajuku fashion using AI. Inspired by Art Deco, style moderne creates a digital space that intimately engages its collector. These works combine AI, 3D technology, film, and advanced mathematical functions with antique paintings and tapestries from China, Japan, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe. The intention behind both works is to celebrate the era of AI, embracing the sophistication of experience, the innocent joy of novelty, the richness of cultural heritage, and the brilliance of the future. Reflecting our digital-physical world, both artworks include physical components for their collectors, ranging from rolls of fabric to hologram displays.

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