Claire’s Unveils Exclusive Avatar Accessories on Roblox Metaverse!

a picture of Roblox Metaverse avatars from the Shimmerville metaverse

Claire’s, the renowned global accessories brand, has embarked on an exciting venture following the success of its metaverse gaming experience, ShimmerVille, on the Roblox metaverse last year. Partnering with metaverse game publisher Super League, Claire’s is now enabling creators and brands to introduce limited user-generated content avatar wearables across Roblox.


  1. Claire’s collaborates with Super League to launch limited avatar wearables on Roblox, inspired by ShimmerVille pets characters.
  2. The partnership merges physical and digital realms, allowing for real-life merchandise creation.
  3. This innovation caters to Gen Zalpha, redefining brand engagement through creative metaverse experiences.

a picture of Roblox Metaverse avatars from the Claires Shimmerville experience

Claire’s -x- Super League -x- Roblox: A Metaverse Avatar Makeover!

This pioneering collaboration between Claire’s and Super League gives rise to a series of exclusive avatar backpacks and heads within the Claire’s ShimmerVille Roblox experience. These unique wearables are inspired by the beloved ShimmerVille pets characters. They have been gradually unveiled over the past ten days, showcasing the brand’s creativity and dedication to innovation.

A special highlight of this partnership is the introduction of a free reward – a limited edition backpack! This is available as part of a newly released quest on August 26th. Moreover, this release coincides with the conclusion of the series. Claire’s and Super League also view this foray into avatar wearables as an opportunity to blur the boundaries between the physical and digital realms. These digital wearables may eventually translate into tangible merchandise. The new drip is also to be available at Claire’s retail locations worldwide.

Chris Duncan, Vice President of Consumer Insights and Digital Marketing at Claire’s, described ShimmerVille as a “phygital” experience. She emphasizes the move as rich in creativity, fostering community, brand affection, and personal expression, especially for Gen “Zalpha”. This strategic move aligns with Claire’s broader goal of reshaping fan interaction and engagement.

Ann Hand, Chair and CEO of Super League, expresses her excitement about this partnership, emphasizing its role in creating personalized and meaningful experiences that bridge the “phygital” gap between the lives of the next generation.

How Claire’s Is Giving Roblox Avatars A Fresh New Look

Claire’s customer base and Roblox users both belong to “Gen Zalpha” demographic. Their synergy makes this expansion an intuitive progression. With Claire’s reporting a 53% YoY increase in revenue for the fiscal year ending January 29, 2022, the venture seems well poised for success.

Notably, Roblox recently unveiled an update that permits brands and creators to craft and market avatar bodies and standalone heads within its marketplace. This is a privilege previously reserved exclusively for Roblox itself. This evolution is a direct response to Gen Z players’ feedback from a 2022 survey. It also underscores the importance of inclusivity and representation within the metaverse.

As the digital realm continues to intertwine with the physical, Claire’s pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation stand as a testament to the brand’s adaptability. Moreover, it showcases its deep understanding of the evolving demands of its audience. This venture not only augments the allure of ShimmerVille but also exemplifies how companies can revolutionize brand engagement. All this, in an era where creativity knows no bounds!

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