CoinGecko Boosts NFT Offering With Handy New Collection Tracker

Leading blockchain data aggregation platform CoinGecko has expanded its suite of NFT tools with the addition of a useful new collection tracker. Both website and app users can now closely monitor any prominent NFT collections of interest through the latest offering. Here’s how you can use this latest NFT tracker tool!


  • CoinGecko has added a new NFT collection tracker to its platform, enabling users to monitor floor price, market cap, owners, and volume.
  • The tracker builds on CoinGecko’s existing NFT floor price tracking tool, providing a deep dive into price history.
  • The new portfolio addition makes it easy for NFT enthusiasts and newcomers to keep tabs on their favorite or most hyped collections.

CoinGECKO logo alongside the Opepen NFT version

CoinGecko NFT Tracker: What Is It & What Does It Do?

The trackerNFT app enables NFT enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike to keep up with key details on their favorite – or least liked – NFT collections. This includes checking the floor price, market capitalization, number of owners and also 24-hour trading volume.

Getting started with the new feature is simple. Firstly, log in to a CoinGecko account and navigate to a desired NFT collection. From here, click the ‘add to NFT portfolio’ star icon. Once added, hover over ‘Portfolio’ in the navigation bar. Then, select ‘My NFTs’ and a live feed of the collection’s status will be displayed.

The collection tracker builds on CoinGecko’s existing floor price tracking tool. This gives an in-depth price history of any NFT collection from its launch to the present day. It also shows the price in the native token. Moreover, you can also view the equivalent USD value at the time.

As the NFT market continues to evolve rapidly, CoinGecko has provided valuable tools for keeping up with how key collections are performing. The new portfolio tracker makes it even easier for users to monitor the tokens that matter most to them.

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