Cold Blooded Creepz NFTs: A multi-token project with a fantastic back story

Cold Blooded Creepz

Cold Blooded Creepz is a series of multi-token NFT collectibles that allow holders to earn their governance token, $LOOMI, passively through staking and yielding. They currently have 4 collections: Genesis Creeps, Reptilian Armory, Shapeshifters, and Loomi Vault. Each of the collections has varying levels of staking capabilities.

Cold Blooded Creepz

Cold Blooded Creepz is a highly innovative, multi-token NFT collective. They offer staking and play-to-earn capabilities.

About Cold Blooded Creepz

Cold Blooded Creepz’s major aim is to mix DeFi and NFT technologies by allowing users to stake their non-fungible tokens and earn money passively.

Their Twitter page was launched in September of last year and has gained 23,000+ followers since. Also, their Discord server has over 28,000 members. The project was started by @jo3car, @dom3xyz, and @psychrome.

For the first project, Genesis Creepz, there are 11,111 items with over 800 traits. The minimum yield for these NFTs is 1500 $LOOMI/day, which is the most of any of their 4 collections.

The second project listed on their website is titled Reptilian Army. These NFTs have 20,000 items and you can yield 600 $LOOMI/day. The website also states that the mint for these started at 3000 $LOOMI.

Creepz’s Shapeshifter collection depicts celebrities in the art style of the project. These include Elon Musk, Gary Vee, Snoop Dogg and more. There are 20,000 items in this collection.

Finally, the last collection that Cold Blooded Creepz offer is the LOOMI vault. These NFTs are where users can yield 500 $LOOMI/day and check-in for daily claims of earnings. The mint for these was 1 ETH, based on the clear success of the previous projects which the company has offered.

One of Cold Blooded Creepz’s main selling points is the staking and yielding aspects that they offer. For their genesis collection, the floor of which sits at almost 4 ETH, 97% of them are staked in the Invasion Games. This number is staggering and shows the strength of the project and the trust that the community has in their staking protocols.

The Project’s Innovation

This project is highly innovative, with their play-to-earn aspects alongside the aforementioned yielding as well as the membership which they offer to holders, Cold Blooded Creepz is offering many things at once to their holders, enticing them further to ape into the project.

Their play-to-earn aspect allows for users to “stake allegiance to the OVERLORD and yield $LOOMI”. Particularly, players can decide their strategy and risk based on their risk tolerance.

$LOOMI, as a governance token in general, is fairly innovative. Holders can put it to use and use it to purchase future drops, etc. within the Creepz ecosystem.

Finally, they offer a “million-dollar membership club” to holders where they hope to turn Creepz into an internationally recognized brand. This group also includes member-led activations, rewarding $LOOMI to holders based on their ranking within it.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, or you want to keep up with what’s next for Cold Blooded Creepz, then you can find them on Twitter where they’ll post their latest news. Also, you can join the community in their Discord.

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