Digital Beauty: Coveteur and Wella Professionals Present The Wella Generator

The digital beauty world welcomes Wella Professionals to the niche starting May 31st! Together with Coveteur, the iconic haircare brand will release ‘The Wella Generator’ – digital NFT sweepstakes built on Ethereum. The luckiest fans can claim brand vouchers, virtual haircare consultations, and more surprises while minting NFT avatars!

digital poster of Wella Professionals' The Wella Generator project

Wella Professionals joins the digital beauty industry with an innovative drop involving sweepstakes: The Wella Generator.

How Does the Wella Generator Work?

The Wella Generator is a gamified NFT project created by Wella Professionals and Coveteur, a virtual creative agency. The digital sweepstakes are powered by MoonPay and Otherlife. Starting May 31st, users can mint an unlimited number of NFT avatars on the project’s platform for 14 days. Each user will receive a Wella Avatar that carries the brand’s signature style: powerful and stylish.

In addition to the NFT itself, fans will benefit from sweepstakes, a revolutionary concept for the brand. Thanks to this system, users can win exclusive prizes related to Wella Professionals, such as:

  • Discounts for Wella Professionals products;
  • One-to-one consultations with the brand’s haircare specialists;
  • Real-life hair makeovers.

These perks alone create the perfect package for a grand debut on the Web3 market.

“For over a decade, Coveteur has partnered with industry leaders to push the boundaries around personal style and self-expression through digital storytelling at Coveteur,” said Coveteur’s Head of  Brand, Leya Kaufman. “Today, we’re taking the next step with Wella Professionals in an entirely digitally-first web3-powered world that is gamified and artistically in sync with both brands through a series of illustrations representing the transformative haircare.”

screenshot of a digital poster from the upcoming Wella Professionals NFT project

Wella Professionals will reward the luckiest NFT holders with exclusive vouchers and experiences.

What Does this Drop Mean for the Digital Beauty Industry?

The digital beauty niche is, without a doubt, among the most innovative areas of the Web3 space right now. This year alone, we’ve seen brands like NYX and Yves Saint Laurent come up with their own unique projects.

For example, NYX Makeup released the first digital beauty DAO in January. The organization titled GORJS supports its community of talented NFT holders via funding, a creator suite, and more.

Meanwhile, Yves Saint Laurent’s two-part NFT campaign celebrated its perfume line Black Opium. Not only did these phygitals offer holder perks, but they also came with physical assets.

These examples alone prove that the digital beauty industry is here to stay – and this is only the beginning.

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