Build Your Own Customised NFT Marketplace with VereNFT

May 27, 2022

Company: VereNFT

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Are you a business owner exploring the NFT and metaverse space to grow your sales and revenues? Did you know that creating your own branded whitelabel NFT marketplace to sell NFTs will immensely enhance your brand image and increase sales?

VereNFT is a whitelabel NFT platform and service provider that guides brands in the creation of their own NFT marketplace with limited technical expertise required.

On May 27, 1-2PM BST, we’ll have our first webinar to show you how to create your own NFT marketplace powered by VereNFT.

No prior experience in Web3 or NFTs necessary to attend.
All industries welcomed.

Let us walk you through
(1) The basics of NFTs and the market values behind
(2) The VereNFT whitelabel marketplace – we will show you the features, benefits, why you should get involved, and how it will accelerate your brand image and revenues.

We are even going to show you how to mint an NFT live!

Come hang out, network, and chat with us!
We’d love to help connect your brand to the metaverse.

Added May 5, 2022