Happy Astronauts Stage 2 Minting

January 27, 2022

Company: Happy Astronauts


Happy Astronauts is a collection of 10k OG Astronauts NFTs. We are developing an open world metaverse on the Unreal Engine 5 called Astroverse. Astroverse is not only an open world metaverse, but includes multiple game modes such as exploration, battle royal, creative, and more. The OG Happy Astronaut NFTs will fully integrate into Astroverse and be playable. All the other purchases in game will be NFTs including additional skins, weapon wraps, loot crates, and more. The game will be releases on Xbox, Playstation, PC and eventually Nintendo bringing Play to Earn to mainstream consoles with a target release of Q4 2022.

We are also developing the technology that will fully integrate NFTs and Crypto into all mainstream gaming consoles and game engines like Unreal and Unity.

By owning one of the OG Happy Astronauts they will act as a VIP Key to give the holder first access to everything we are building including our Multiverse Ecosystem called Zolodia which is launching soon.

Jump in, buckle up and great ready to take this exciting journey with us!

Added January 26, 2022