Krap Chickens Launch

August 11, 2022

Company: Krapopolis / Krap Chickens

Price: .25 ETH

Supply: 10420


Dan Harmon and Blockchain Creative Labs are excited to unveil utility-focused, chicken-inspired NFTs ahead of the debut of FOX’s new animated comedy, KRAPOPOLIS. The program’s inaugural collection of “Krap Chickens,” a series of limited-edition NFTs, will give collectors access to content and private screening rooms, entry to Discord channels, invitations to meet-and-greets with cast and producers, KRAPOPOLIS merchandise, series voting rights and first-look exclusivity to forthcoming NFT drops. Additionally, each minted NFT will be unique, produced and illustrated by KRAPOPOLIS animators and generated from a wide range of attributes with varying degrees of rarity.

Added July 25, 2022