Maybe Time Travelers Launch

July 26, 2022

Company: Maybe Time Travelers

Price: .1 ETH

Supply: 8000

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The Maybe Time Travelers collection consists of 8000 hand drawn Time Travelers who’ve returned from a dystopian future to warn us of impending manufactured global financial collapse, engineered at the hands of a tyrannical regime. The mission? To save mankind by creating powerful NFT and Web3 tools to help degens, creators, and entrepreneurs build wealth in a changing, fiat-fudded world.

Our roadmap consists of several phases aimed at aiding all walks of Web3 life.

For collectors and flippers, our NFT Analytics Platform featuring proprietary formulas, stunning visuals, and granular data crunches to give you the absolute best insight into the top collections to invest in.

Complementing our analytics platform will be a drop calendar where upcoming projects can showcase their work. Projects will have the opportunity to participate in our partner program, allotting free mints, prizes, and WL opportunities to Maybe Time Travelers holders.

We’ll then set our sights on the creators by building NFT art generation software where artists with limited coding knowledge can plug in their traits and metadata, and generate up to 10,000 jpg collections in minutes, complete with rarity and all. But, what’s a collection that can’t be launched? This is where our smart contract creation tool comes in. Artists will be able to deploy a contract with a few clicks, within minutes. Going live will be easier than ever before.

What would a Web3 tool platform powerhouse be though without a Web3 Jobs Exchange? Think of it like the Upwork of Web3. Artists, Founders, Marketers, Devs, and beyond, will all be able to come together and form the next great project teams. Freelancers can find projects in need of talent. Founders can find the perfect personalities and builders to help fill out their teams.

And finally, our floor sweep, airdrop, and lotto service! Our NFT will be a pass to all of our tools, but the tools will also be available to non-holders as well for monthly subscription fees. With a portion of those fees, as well as our community wallet, we will sweep floors of the hottest projects and raffle off airdrops to our holders.

Maybe Time Travelers is truly a one of a kind project that is breaking down all barriers in Web3… for creators, collectors, degens, and more.

Join us in the gulags. DOWN WITH THE REGIME.

Added July 1, 2022