Mental Wealth Mob NFT Drop

July 9, 2022

Company: Mental Wealth Mob

Price: 2 SOL

Supply: 800

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MWM characters consist of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals, with only 1000 variations represented in each.

The animals will each have their own release dates (keep one eye on our social media posts: Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram and Facebook)

The first 200 buyers on every release date will receive a second, most-compatible animal NFT for FREE, which means you could own the entire collection of 12 on 6 releases!

We are living in a world that is changing so fast, especially with regards to technology. The Crypto and NFT industry is the future of trade and a lot of people are left behind in this process. We aim to help, teach, learn and do whatever we can to uplift and grow our community in this space.

In addition, people are so stressed out and worried about the future, covid, economy, the earth, food etc. and our ability as human beings is stretched to the limit in a day to day ‘survival-mode’, and mental health is under the spotlight. Mental Wealth Mob’s mission is to assist where we can to help alleviate this through communication about such topics in our community, and to flood our peers with positive advice from experts, and to educate them about mental and physical health.

The Mental Wealth Mob is not only a place where you can collect cool art, but also be involved in a community with common goals to help one another and drive positive change for the future!

Added June 8, 2022