Super Fantastic Whales Public Sale

June 24, 2022

Company: Super Fantastic Whales

Price: 10 ADA

Supply: 9999


The year is 2051 and Earth’s civilisation has become dependant on the Cardano network, touching every aspect of life. One normal decentralised day an unstoppable asteroid enriched with unknown radiating elements headed towards Earth and violently destroyed the planet.

It would seem all life was lost but in the chaos a piece of Earth had exploded outwards. It just so happened that it was carrying majestic whales protected by the deepest of ocean.

The radiating elements from the asteroid infused the Cardano enriched Earth into the whales DNA. They became the bridge between reality and the Cardano network. With this new special connection embedded in their blood it allowed for random attributes to carry over into the real world from the Cardano network. Each whale became unique.

Now, they continue to live on a piece of Earth and journey the vastness of space. The Cardano based whales require the energy of moons to survive and so guide their new small piece of Earth from moon to moon.


Added June 17, 2022