The New Gestalt

May 25, 2022

Company: NFTBerlin

Price: 300 USD\/USDC

Supply: 45

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Welcome to NFTBerlin’s annual unconference.

NFTBerlin will take place in Berlin, Germany, from 25th to May 27th at the “Alte Münze”. The in-real-life event (IRL) will feature international guest speakers, exclusive NFTs collections, talks, games, unique live minting experiences and an NFT hackathon. The conference is the first of its kind in Germany and will be participated by speakers Aave & Lens protocol,, NFTfi and more. The first wave of tickets has just been released and gives participants access to exclusive cryptoart.

NFTBerlin announced the most legendary NFT cryptoarts exhibition from private collections of world-famous crypto art collectors such as Cozomo de’ Medici aka Snoop Dog, NeonDAO and Blockstar among many others. The collection includes extraordinary cryptoart from CryptoPunks, Bored Apes Yacht Club, Squiggles and more.

Added April 22, 2022