Welcome back vol 1 by TheTEAMJOSHco

August 17, 2022

Company: Welcome Back Vol 1

Price: .3 ETH

Supply: 50


TheTEAMJOSHco presents to you “ Welcome Back Vol”. A play on the phrase “welcome back” , a deeper revelation on how life can be so ugly and Beautiful.
These are the welcomes back that touch your heart and make you understand how fragile the balance between good and bad that we fight our souls to understand how rare this life .
#1 the harder we fall
#2 death is only the beginning
#3 and #4 are promo pictures
40+ picture retro
This is our first ever nft collection, and we are very excited about it dropping.

1# the harder we fall
Is deeply based on how 1 bad Choice can lead into far worse decisions to try to cover your first bad choice. Then it starts to lead into a spiral into darkness

# death is only the beginning
One of the deepest pictures to me. Because it’s one we all can’t escape and it shows how rare This life being the only planet we found yet.
And even in death there seems like it only the beginning

The whole concept about “welcome back” is about moments in your life that brings you back to reality, and sometimes they hurt and sometimes their are Beautiful and sometimes it painful. But it’s always build in truth

If you want to know more deeper on the picture go to our website.

We use to first 4 original pictures to make new pictures under I different eye’s or slips. This picture are made with inception and really brings the idea out of the pictures in a very unique way.
There are bout 40+ of these pictures and 8 can be found on my twitter JOSHHAR54365470

So if you want to under the original 4 pictures more and read deeper on the meaning of the art go to the WEBSITE
But if you want to see all the new retro art for the welcome back collection and see other TheTEAMJOSHco art and more visit the TWITTER

Best way to contact the team TWITTER

Enjoy please I put my whole heart into this collection
I pray it touches yours

“ team josh will prevail”

Added August 2, 2022