Eyeball Pool: NFT-Inspired 8-Ball Game Reinvented by Co-Creators of 8 Ball Pool

Eyeball Games is reinventing digital pool games with their upcoming release of an NFT 8-ball pool game!


  • Eyeball Games is revolutionising digital pool games with Eyeball Pool, allowing players to own and trade unique NFT assets. Pool game experts Karsten Niemeier and Thomas Elgaard are developing the game.
  • Eyeball Pool integrates Web3 technology for an enhanced gaming experience. Launching in Q1 2024, it offers the familiar feel of 8 Ball Pool with the addition of owning and trading unique pool cues. 
  • The game will be available on Immutable X, providing exclusive items, rewards, and an ad-free version of the game through NFTs.
Still from NFT 8-ball

Eyeball Pools NFT Inspired 8-Ball Game

The New NFT 8-Ball Pool Game 

Eyeball Games is reinventing digital pool games with their upcoming release, Eyeball Pool. This innovative game will allow players to own and trade unique digital assets in the form of NFTs. Karsten Niemeier and Thomas Elgaard, developers with extensive experience in creating pool games, are set to launch Eyeball Pool in Q1 2024 after completing the current beta testing phase.

Significantly, what sets Eyeball Pool apart is its integration with Web3 technology. Players will enjoy the familiar look and feel of 8 Ball Pool and have the opportunity to own and trade unique pool cues within the game. Additionally, there is potential for a token within the game that can further enhance the gaming experience.

Initially, Eyeball Pool was being developed on the Cronos blockchain network led by Crypto.com. However, the startup has shifted its focus to the Polygon network with Immutable X. By doing so, it will provide players with even more benefits, including exclusive items and rewards, through NFTs. NFT holders will also enjoy the perk of playing an ad-free version of the game.

Eyeball Pool has already gained attention with the release of their limited edition “Balldroid” profile picture NFTs earlier this year. Building on this success, they plan to launch a new series of Balldroid NFTs on the Immutable X network. 

As the release date approaches, anticipation is building for the release of Eyeball Pool. Players can look forward to NFT ownership and trading, as they take their shots and compete with friends in this exciting new addition to the NFT gaming space.

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