FC Barcelona Historic NFT Debut: Johan Cruyff and Alexia Putellas at Moco Museum

FC Barcelona Historic NFT Debut: Johan Cruyff and Alexia Putellas at Moco Museum

At the Moco Museum, FC Barcelona presents its first two NFTs. Empowerment dedicated to Alexia Putellas and In a Way, Immortal honoring Johan Cruyff. The ‘Masterpiece’ collection, celebrating iconic moments and figures from Barca’s history will go on exhibit starting today.

On Thursday, April 25, the day of Johan Cruyff’s birthday the exhibition debuted at the Moco Museum in Barcelona. FC Barcelona executives, artists, and museum representatives convene to unveil the collection, highlighting its importance in fusing modern art and sports.

Artists Eric Sas and Alan Company, along with representatives from World of Johan Cruyff and other collaborators, discuss the creation process of the NFTs. Their collaboration highlights the fusion of technology, sports, and artistic expression, embodying FC Barcelona’s commitment to innovation.

Moco Museum: A Hub of Modern Art

The Moco Museum, known for its diverse collection of modern and digital art welcomes FC Barcelona’s NFTs into its space whose partnership emphasizes their dedication toward displaying cultural milestones and embracing breakthrough technology.

“In a Way” masterpiece, Immortal commemorates Johan Cruyff’s legendary goal against Atletico de Madrid in 1973. Acquired for $693,000, this NFT combines visual artistry and sound to evoke the spirit of Cruyff’s legacy, symbolizing FC Barcelona’s commitment to its heritage.

Empowerment pays tribute to Alexia Putellas’ remarkable performance in a Champions League semi-final. Through this NFT, FC Barcelona champions gender equality and the empowerment of women in sports, embodying its commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

Moco Museum: A Hub of Modern Art

Statements from FC Barcelona and Moco Museum

Elena Fort, vice-president of FC Barcelona’s Institutional Area, highlights the exhibition’s significance in fostering cultural moments and promoting women’s empowerment in sports. Lionel Logchies, founder of Moco Museum, emphasizes the collaborative effort in merging contemporary art with sports culture, echoing the values of unity and self-empowerment.

Through its debut NFT exhibition, FC Barcelona not only commemorates its storied history but also champions inclusivity and innovation in the digital age. As these digital artworks grace the walls of the Moco Museum, they serve as enduring symbols of creativity, inspiration, and cultural significance.

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