From Digital to Embroidery: Explore MNTGE’s Eclectic Patchwork NFTs

Embark on a creative journey with MNTGE’s Patchwork NFTs, blending digital and embroidery art in a limited edition collection. 


  • Discover the world of MNTGE’s Patchwork NFTs, blending digital art with embroidery and various creative expressions. The limited edition collection of 7,500 Ethereum NFT patches features custom designs from 11 contemporary artists. Artists include Coldie, OSF, Grant Yun, Chris Torres, and the surreal work of All Seeing Seneca.
  • Jen Stark, known for her optical illusion-inspired art, also joined the lineup with her extraordinary creations. 
  • Embrace the future of fashion as MNTGE integrates near-field communication (NFC) chips into physical patches, allowing creators to digitally sign them, preserving their autographs digitally. 
Still from MNTGE Patchwork

MNTGE’s Patchwork NFTs

MNTGE Patchwork NFTs are Now Minting!

Minting is open for MNTGE’s Patchwork NFTs, where digital meets embroidery and art takes on diverse forms. The vintage-centric brand brings you a limited edition collection of 7,500 Ethereum NFT patches, each custom-designed by 11 contemporary artists. From digital art to embroidery, illustration, and tattooing, these patches show a fusion of styles and talents.

Among the renowned artists contributing to the Patchwork lineup are Coldie, OSF, Grant Yun, and Nyan Cat creator Chris Torres. Notably, All Seeing Seneca, previously the lead artist for Bored Ape Yacht Club, shows her new character, Shermie, in a surreal design that spans various media.

Jen Stark, celebrated for her optical illusion-inspired art, also joins the roster. With exhibitions at the Smithsonian Museum and recognition as one of the Foundation’s top 10 highest-selling NFT creatives, her contributions add allure to the collection. Hosted on OpenSea, the MNTGE Patchwork sale kicked off at 2pm ET, offering each Ethereum NFT at 0.07 ETH (around $130). Leveraging Ethereum’s ERC-6551 technology, MNTGE empowers NFTs to hold other NFTs, unlocking exciting new possibilities.

The use of near-field communication (NFC) chips allows creators to digitally sign their unique patches. What’s more, the signature is permanently preserved, similar to an artist autographing a garment in real life. This dynamic digital feature was previously employed by Gmoney and Jeff Staple in their baseball cap collaboration.

Following the Patchwork release, MNTGE will offer vintage denim jackets with NFC chips in the sleeve. You can stitch physical patches onto the jackets, while you can add digital patches to their virtual twins using the innovative ERC-6551 tech. Moreover, MNTGE are looking at merging NFTs into major sports and music events, where tickets embedded into garments may unlock exclusive perks.

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