Haute Couture Meets Metaverse: Michael Cinco Shines at PBW’s Fashion Gala

metaveres fashion at Phillipine blockchain week

Internationally acclaimed Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco is set to revolutionize haute couture at the Philippine Blockchain Week with the country’s first-ever Metaverse Fashion Gala. Scheduled for September 18 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, this event promises to reshape perceptions of digital fashion. Let’s take a closer look!


  • Michael Cinco to transform fashion at Philippine Blockchain Week’s Metaverse Fashion Gala on September 18.
  • The gala bridges physical and digital fashion realms, featuring Cinco’s designs both on real models and virtual avatars.
  • Proceeds support charitable causes, showcasing the power of blockchain and innovation in fashion.

metaveres fashion at Phillipine blockchain week


Michael Cinco Graces Metaverse Fashion Gala

Cinco, known for dressing global royalty and celebrities, views this as an opportunity to break new ground by seamlessly merging the physical and digital realms in fashion. Cinco expressed his excitement about this groundbreaking venture. The designer emphasized how fashion’s essence lies in transcending boundaries, and the Metaverse presents a unique canvas for such innovation.

To clarify, the gala will showcase Cinco’s iconic pieces both physically and in the virtual realm. So, while real-life models flaunt his designs on the runway, their metaverse avatars will mirror the attire. Further, the event offers fashion enthusiasts the chance to purchase their desired pieces through an exclusive pre-sale. This presale also comes with special edition digital collectibles.

Adding to the anticipation, Michael Cinco gowns are displayed throughout the PBW venue. This setup enables fashion aficionados to intimately experience Cinco’s distinctive style. According to PBW convenor Chezka Gonzales, the collaboration with Michael Cinco underscores the transformative power of blockchain technology. Gonzales emphasized that PBW seeks not only to showcase technology but also highlight how blockchain can synergize with the creativity of top professionals.

Charitable Efforts Led by PBW

Furthermore, part of the proceeds from the Metaverse Fashion Gala will support the World Wildlife Fund. Additionally, PBW supports the Global Reskilling Movement’s mission to enhance opportunities for young individuals.

Finally, the partnership between Michael Cinco and PBW underscores how the fusion of fashion and technology can reshape industries and pave the way for innovative experiences that transcend physical and digital boundaries.

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