Japan’s Tech Renaissance: Sony Launches Web3 Incubator Program

Sony is set to mass-onboard Japan into web3! The tech giant has announced an innovative incubator program aimed at driving digital transformation in Tokyo and the Cosmize Metaverse. This is an initiative in collaboration with Astar Network and Startale Labs,

On June 18, the program showcases its “Demo Day”. This serves as a platform to accelerate the development of global companies by offering financial and technical assistance. Sony Network Communications, the subsidiary specializing in IT solutions and software development, oversees the operations of this program.

Notably, the program caters to the unique needs of each project, This is irrespective of their current stage of business, demonstrating a progressive approach to fostering the growth of future digital innovations.


  • Sony collaborates with Astar Network and Startale Labs to drive web3 adoption in Japan through an innovative incubator program.
  • The program’s Demo Day on June 18th also offers financial and technical assistance to global web3 startups, fostering future digital innovations.
  • Attendees of Demo Day also receive commemorative NFT tokens and gain insights into practical web3 applications and Sony’s vision.

a picture of a man wearing a Sony VR Headset, implying incoming web3 developments.

Sony Web3: Astar Mega Collaboration Leads Japan Market to Digital Upsurge

Sony is known for its web3 endeavors and this time, it seeks to expand even further. Japan Blockchain Week is set to see the first glimpses of future potential during the course of the event.

The Demo Day of the “Web3 Incubation Program by Sony Network Communications and Astar” is set to be a remarkable event. This program sees participation from major web3 startups from around the world, regardless of their development phase. With a thorough evaluation of their technology, team, and product appeal, Sony Network Communications and Astar have handpicked 19 projects out of a pool of over 200 applications. These 19 projects receive them exclusive entry into their esteemed web3 incubation program.

During this program, participants have the opportunity to benefit from informative sessions led by global venture capitalists and successful web3 companies. Moreover, they learn valuable business and technology development strategies. The program allows participants to grow through mentorship, and gain access to Sony Network Communications’ extensive resources for collaboration and support.

Sony Demo Day – June 18th

The Demo Day event marks the pinnacle of the program. It features pitch sessions, where each project showcases their innovations to venture capitalists and large corporations interested in collaborating with web3 startups.

Additionally, there are also presentations highlighting the achievements, status, and future prospects of the web3 incubation program itself. Participants also have the chance to network and engage with the program candidates.

What’s in it for Attendees?

With all eyes on Demo Day, here’s what attendees can expect to receive for the event:

  • Offline attendees receive a commemorative SoulBound Token (SBT) NFT issued by Lemonade.
    • The NFT is non-transferable and serves as a special token to mark the event.
  • Online participants receive an NFT pass from Snickerdoodle Labs.
    • This NFT pass grants them access to Demo Day in the COSMIZE Metaverse.
    • The event organizers will distribute the NFT passes issued by Snickerdoodle Labs. Snickerdoodle Labs will also showcase their technology as candidates of the web3 incubation program.

This event is also a unique opportunity for those seeking hands-on experience and insight into practical applications of web3. It provides a platform for attendees to learn from cutting-edge global projects through presentations and interactions.

Moreover, it offers a chance to delve deeper into Sony Network Communications’ vision for web3.

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