Lacoste Revolutionises Brand Engagement with Dynamic NFTs in UNDW3 Ecosystem

Lacoste upgrades NFTs to enhance their brand engagement mission, with the genesis pass creating a revolutionary experience in Web3 fashion. Let’s dive in. 


  • Lacoste leads fashion and Web3 integration, transforming Genesis Pass NFTs into a gateway to UNDW3. 
  • Participants can earn points for brand engagement, unlock exclusive benefits, and compete for top rewards. The NFT images will evolve as holders climb the leaderboard.
  • Existing NFT holders will receive points, and participants can win NFTs and brand merchandise in weekly raffles.
Still from Web3 Fashion

Lacoste’s UNDW3 NFT Brand Engagement Mission

Fashion Meets Web3: Lacoste Genesis Pass NFTs

Lacoste, the renowned clothing giant, is at the forefront of high-end fashion and Web3. This development is set to revolutionise brand engagement. Lacoste is transforming its 11,212 Genesis Pass NFTs collection into a dynamic gateway to the new UNDW3 ecosystem.

This new initiative allows holders of these NFTs to access a UNDW3 dashboard and the opportunity to engage in a wide range of Lacoste-themed activities. Furthermore, by taking part in ‘The Mission,’ participants will earn points for their brand engagement. Subsequently, points will add to a real-time leaderboard and ultimately allow the participants placed highest to gain the top rewards. The idea of the ‘dynamic NFT’ is as the holder climbs the leaderboard, the image associated with the NFT upgrades. 

By getting onto this leaderboard, owners of these NFTs will unlock numerous benefits and rewards. Additionally, access to the UNDW3 ecosystem through these NFTs unlocks exclusive advantages. Advantages include access to the Lacoste UNDW3 wardrobe, access to the upcoming prestigious Club Lacoste and many more. 

Significantly, Lacoste has rewarded existing NFT holders with points that can be claimed via the UNDW3 dashboard. Moreover, these rewards recognise loyal community members, with their value linked to the duration they’ve held the NFTs and the amount owned. In addition, participants can enter weekly raffles offering NFTs and brand merchandise as prizes.

So, the program’s first season will run from June 28 to December 23, with the top 200 participants receiving crazy prizes. To give an idea of the level of prizes up for grabs, Lacoste is giving away a VIP trip for two to Paris, including a tour of Lacoste facilities and factory as 1st place prize. Get ready to enter another world of Web3 fashion and secure those NFTs to kick-start your journey. 

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