Ledger RTFKT: A Pioneering Union of Digital Fashion and Security

picture of an RTFKT avatar holding a Ledger collab vial

In an exciting development for digital asset enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike, Ledger, a titan in digital asset management, has joined forces with RTFKT, Nike’s pioneering digital fashion and sneaker brand. This collaboration heralds the launch of a limited-edition capsule collection. One that seamlessly blends luxury with security, catering to the discerning needs of the RTFKT community!

picture of an RTFKT avatar holding a Ledger collab vial

RTFKT Innovative Designs Meet Ledger’s Unparalleled Security

At the heart of this collaboration are two unique creations: the RTFKT x Ledger Nano X Chalk Blade Edition and the RTFKT x Ledger Collector Edition. These products symbolize the perfect marriage of RTFKT’s luxurious style and Ledger’s renowned security solutions. They demonstrate a commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.

The RTFKT x Ledger Nano X Chalk Blade Edition, a fusion of style and security. It features a high-quality custom plastic swivel adorned with Ledger and RTFKT branding. This edition comes wrapped in a sleek, matte black soft-touch sleeve. This is complemented by a white device casing and a distinctive transparent smoked glass button.

Further elevating the collection, the RTFKT x Ledger Collector Edition showcases two custom Ledger Nano X devices. The first is encased in a striking black matte soft-touch sleeve, while the second is housed within an RTFKT-designed vial case. This design also boasts a brushed steel surface and logo engraving. This vial not only serves as a stylish and secure container but also allows for interactive use without needing to remove the device.

Adding to the uniqueness, both editions include a QR code card to claim a special digital collectible NFT. This is to symbolize ownership of this exclusive collaboration. The RTFKT x Ledger Nano X Chalk Blade Edition, limited to 1000 units, will be available for pre-order , showcasing the synergy of cutting-edge digital fashion and leading digital asset security.

Educational Initiatives and Future Prospects

 RTFKT ledger collab

Beyond the products, Ledger and RTFKT commit their values to educate their community through initiatives like Ledger Quest. This collaboration paves the way for a deeper understanding of digital asset management and security.

RTFKT co-founder Benoit Pagotto expresses enthusiasm for this ongoing partnership with Ledger. He emphasizes the integration of virtual designs with tangible collectibles. Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger, also highlights RTFKT’s evolution and commitment to security. He underscores the natural alignment of the two brands in this innovative endeavor.

This unique collaboration represents a significant milestone in the digital asset industry, blending the realms of fashion and security while setting new standards for luxury and safety in the digital world. Pre-Sale on Dec 12th 10am EST & Public Sale on Dec 13th 10am EST.

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